Telia completes 3G network

Telia has come so far with the build-out of its 3G network that it has now fulfilled the licence conditions of the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). This means that the 3G network, in terms of population coverage, is now accessible by 8,860,000 inhabitants of Sweden. Today, on December 1, will PTS be notified about this.

However, the build-out of the 3G network will not cease just because the license conditions are fulfilled – on the contrary. The build-out is continuing and the network will be strengthened and improved to meet the steadily growing requirements of customers. Today, more than two million of Telia’s mobile customers in Sweden have the possibility to use mobile data services, and during the past year, data traffic in Telia’s mobile network has multiplied.

“We’re very pleased that we have now satisfied our licence obligations for 3G. This is an important step in our efforts to improve what is already the best coverage in Sweden and to meet the stringent demands and expectations of our customers for mobile communications,” says Tommy Ljunggren, head of Telia’s mobile network.

Parallel with the 3G build-out, Telia has been improving its nationwide network in several ways. Today, more than 60 percent of the mobile network has already been evolved with EDGE technology, which quadruples data speeds in the GSM network, enabling customers to surf the mobile network faster, even in areas without 3G coverage. For example, with EDGE, it is easier to telecommute with a portable computer connected with a PC card to the mobile network, and to e-mail on a mobile phone.

EDGE is now available in most major towns and cities in Sweden and the build-out will continue to provide 90 percent coverage of Sweden’s land area with EDGE by 2008. Over a four-year period, Telia is investing a total of SEK 1 billion to improve the coverage, capacity and reliability of the mobile network.

Telia and Tele2 are building a common 3G network in Sweden through the joint venture network construction company Svenska UMTS-nät AB.

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