Telia signs multi-million kronor agreement with Swedish Meats

- more and more customers are purchasing managed functions instead of individual services

TeliaSonera Sweden has signed a four-year managed services agreement with the Swedish Meats food group for the provision of fixed and mobile telephony services. The agreement is valued at approximately SEK 23 million.

“Companies are increasingly requesting managed services instead of purchasing individual services and products,” says Anders Tillander, head of the enterprise market at TeliaSonera Sweden. “They have understood that managed services function well and enable cost savings. Customers also gain access to external expertise and can focus on their own core business.”

A survey of TeliaSonera’s enterprise customers indicates that companies find it difficult to keep up with rapid technological developments, which has stimulated interest in leasing functions for telephony, data communications and PC workplaces.

In a managed services agreement, TeliaSonera assumes total responsibility for ensuring that a service functions as agreed, that it is developed in line with the customer’s growing requirements and that technical equipment is maintained. In the managed services agreement with Swedish Meats, TeliaSonera will develop a structure that simplifies the food group’s internal processes and reduces costs.

Facts about Managed Services

The agreement signed with Swedish Meats is part of TeliaSonera’s initiative to focus on managed services. Simply descibed, managed services mean that TeliaSonera assumes total responsibility for the technology behind the communications service and the customer purchases a managed function.