Simpler and more secure with Telia’s new and improved broadband offering

Telia is eliminating the one-time fee for customers who choose to bind their broadband subscription. All of Telia’s broadband services include a security package with virus protection, firewall and 500 MB of storage capacity for secure storage of files such as digital photos. These are two of the new features that Telia is offering in connection with the renewal of its broadband offering on March 10, 2006. Also new is that 0.5 Mbit broadband service will be no longer be offered and the prices of the 8 Mbit and 24 Mbit services have been reduced.

The one-time fee for new subscriptions was previously not charged at all (SEK 0) in connection with special campaigns and when subscribers chose an 18-month binding period for their subscription. Now the charge is being completely eliminated for customers who take a new 12-month subscription with Telia and the elimination of the one-time charge will no longer be tied specifically to a campaign offer. Telia Broadband 0.5 Mbit will be discontinued as a service and new 0.5 Mbit subscriptions will no longer be sold in the future. However, customers who have already subscribed to 0.5 Mbit service will not be affected by the change.

“The difference between the price of the 2 Mbit and 0.5 Mbit services is marginal and we noticed that most people preferred to choose the 2 Mbit service, which is four times faster. That’s why we are removing the 0.5 Mbit offering from the range,” says Indra Åsander, head of Telia’s Consumer Segment.

New prices and security package
All broadband prices include a security package – Telia Safe Surfing (Telia Säker Surf in Swedish) – complete with virus protection and a firewall. All prices also include 500 MB of storage capacity for files such as digital photos. After the price reductions, the 8 Mbit subscription will cost SEK 339 per month for customers who have preselected Telia as their operator. Other customers pay SEK 369 per month. The corresponding prices for the 24 Mbit service are SEK 369 and SEK 399 per month, respectively.

“It has to pay to be a Telia customer,” says Indra Åsander. “That’s why we offering an extra advantageous price to customers who call with a Telia subscription. We hope that all of today’s changes will make it simpler for customers to choose broadband service from Telia.”

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The telephone network has become the most popular way today to get a fast Internet connection and nine out of ten households in Sweden have broadband from Telia through the ordinary phone jack. Speeds vary, depending on a household’s distance from a telecom switching centre. The above-mentioned speeds are the maximum speeds for each type of broadband service. The closer people live to a switching centre, the faster their broadband service will be.