Sonera rolls out new 3G services

On April 1, 2006, Sonera launches three new services for its mobile phone customers. Sonera is the first in Finland to give its customers an opportunity to pilot the Mobile TV service, by which you can view TV broadcasts. Video calls with video image bring a new dimension to mobile phone calls. Musiikkilataamo is an online music service where you can buy pieces of music by thousands of artists, downloading music files to your mobile phone. Mobile TV and Musiikkilataamo are found in the Sonera SurfPort service menu. The sound and picture quality are at their best in the 3G network.

”We want to focus our efforts more and more on reliable, easy-to-use services that are both useful and entertaining. All the services rolled out today provide our customers with new ways of using their mobile phones in everyday life. These are the kind of services that we also want to pioneer for our customers in future,” says Pasi Mehtonen, Director from TeliaSonera Finland.

With the Mobile TV service, Sonera customers can view all the programmes of Nelonen as they are broadcast, all TV news broadcasts of YLE, news and current affairs programmes of MTV3 and all the programmes of The Voice TV. More service providers will be added to service portfolio in the near future.

The customers can study the content of the Mobile TV service free of charge with the aid of a programme guide familiar from the digital TV. In the programme guide you can check the times of the TV programmes and read a brief description of the programmes. You can subscribe to viewing time for a period of either 24 hours at 1.90 euros or 30 days at 9.90 euros. Mobile TV will also comprise on-demand programmes: you can view a news broadcast, for example, when it suits you best. The service operates on 3G phones that have Real Player. These phones include Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70. The pilot continues until March 31, 2007. The intention is that the provision of the Mobile TV service would continue after the termination of the pilot.

Video calls in Finland and abroad

Sonera customers can make video calls both in Finland and abroad in TeliaSonera’s 3G networks in Sweden and Norway. Video calls also be placed from other countries. Detailed roaming information is available at

Making and receiveing video calls is easy for Sonera customers. All that is needed is that the customer has a 3G phone supporting the service and is located within the coverage area of the 3G network. Instead of a regular call, you opt for a video call, and then everything is ready for conveying genuine moods and feelings from even thousands of kilometres away.

In order to make a video call, both the caller and the recipient need a phone that supports video calls. Such phones are, for example, Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70. In Finland, video calls to Sonera subscriptions cost 0.19 euros/min. and to other operators’ subscriptions 0.25 euros/min. The same price changes will be applied to video calls as to mobile calls, i.e. the call set-up charge of 0.049 euros and the minumum charge of 0.079 euros/call. A video call placed to abroad costs the same as a normal international call plus an additional charge of 1.25 euros/min., which will be charged from the person placing the video call. If you receive a video call when abroad, you will be charged 0.26 euros/min. in addition to the normal international call charge.

Musiikkilataamo comprises over a million pieces of music

Musiikkilataamo, a popular online music service available on the web site of Helsingin Sanomat, will now be introduced into mobile phones as well. From Musiikkilataamo, you can download the latest hits or old classics by thousands of Finnish and foreign artists to your mobile phone. The charge for one piece of music is 1.95 euros. The music is downloaded in AAC file format, and you can start listening to it immediately after the download. The charge also covers a one-time code that you receive by SMS: the code allows you to download the same music file to your computer. If you want, you can make a legal copy of the music files, burning them to a CD or copying them to another computer. You can pay the music files downloaded from Musiikkilataamo to your mobile phone either on your telephone bill or in the future with a Musiikkilataamo voucher, which you can buy at R-Kiosks, for example. The Musiikkilataamo download service operates on Nokia 6630 and Samsung SGH-Z300 phones, for example.

For further information, please contact:
Pasi Mehtonen, Director, Consumer Mobile Services and Entertainment, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358 40 7171370