Sonera to continue cooperation with athletes

Sonera continues to cooperate with top athletes and networks of young talents formed by them in accordance with its sponsorship model. The participating top athletes are: runner Johanna Manninen, decathlete Jaakko Ojaniemi, runner Markus Pöyhönen and triple jumper Heli Koivula-Kruger, who has already finished her career as an active athlete. This year, the team is joined by yachtswoman Sari Multala. The cooperation agreement continues a project introduced by Sonera in 2003 which brought together promising young athletes, trainers and managers/parents in one network. The agreements are valid until the end of 2008. The cooperation project is titled Team Sonera and all the participants of the network are members of the team.

”We have been very pleased with our cooperation with the athletes. It has been great to notice how well the top athletes have been able to support the young athletes and at the same develop their sport. We feel that companies should take long-term responsibility of the progress of athletes. With this agreement, Sonera also wishes to continue taking part in the holistic development of Finnish sport”, says Esa Korvenmaa, COO of TeliaSonera Finland.

Team Sonera brings together top athletes and young talents

We want to give the young promising athletes in Team Sonera a chance to get deep insight into the life of a top athlete and offer them support in their career decisions. Koivula-Kruger, Manninen, Ojaniemi, Pöyhönen and Multala all have a network consisting of four young promising athletes in their sport. Sonera has concluded a cooperation agreement that is valid until the end of 2008 also with these 17 promising athletes. The athletes for the programme were chosen in cooperation with trainers and sport chiefs. The agreements will be extended with the trainers and managers/parents as well.

As a new addition, Team Sonera will include a team of experts from different fields. The team has been set up together with the Finnish Olympic Committee. The team includes a doctor, a careers counsellor, a mental couch and a physiotherapist. In addition, the group has an expert who advises athletes on how to act with companies and other cooperation partners. The purpose is to support all the members of Team Sonera in achieving even better results in both sport and other fields of life.

For further information, please contact:
Esa Korvenmaa, COO, TeliaSonera Finland
tel. 02040 21000

Team Sonera:

Sprinters, men
Markus Pöyhönen 1978
Jarkko Ruostekivi 1975
Visa Hongisto 1987
Teppo Heimo 1984
Markus Tuomela 1984

Decathlon & Heptathlon
Jaakko Ojaniemi 1980
Sami Itani 1987
Ville Mylläri 1985
Lassi Raunio 1983
Elisa Kirvesniemi 1985

Sari Multala 1978
Teemu Rantanen 1989
Tapio Nirkko 1984
Jasmine Lehtonen 1989

Sprinters, women
Johanna Manninen 1980
Elisa Hakamäki 1985
Elina Korjansalo 1984
Sari Keskitalo 1985

Triple jumpers and long-jumpers, women
Heli Kruger 1975
Irina Pekkola 1985
Annina Linholm 1983
Elina Sorsa 1985

Team Sonera Trainer
Mika Lehtimäki

Experts from the Olympic Committe
Study advisor Tuuli Merkikoski-Silius
Career advisor Virpi Ojakangas-Palmunen/Adecco
Mental trainer Juri Hanin
OMT Physiotherapist Jari Malinen
Communications and marketing expert Jari Elo
Doctor Tommi Vasankari