Telia increases security in mobile alarm devices

Telia’s customers can now lock their SIM cards so that subscriptions for mobile machine applications only function in a specific terminal. The new service will increase security and reduce the risk for SIM card theft in equipment located in unguarded or unprotected sites, such as electric meters, alarm systems and candy dispensing machines.

Mobile solutions are being used more and more for machine-to-machine communications (telematics). The transportation industry was the first to deploy mobile solutions, followed by security companies with mobile alarm systems. The electric power industry in Sweden will now start to read electric meters remotely over the mobile network on a broad front. As interest grows in mobile solutions, customer requirements to make them theft-proof will also increase because equipment is often located in areas that are not guarded or protected.

The service, called “SIM Sealing” (SIM Plombering), costs SEK 10 per month and functions with Telia’s different telematics-based subscriptions in Sweden (Telematik, Telematik Larm and Telematik Natt – Telematics, Telematics Alarm and Telematics Night).