TeliaSonera in Denmark opens its mobile portal

TeliaSonera in Denmark is the first telecom operator to open its mobile portal to all – regard-less of which telecoms operator you use. This means that everyone now can access Telia SurfPort via their mobile and search for information, read news, view sports results and download entertainment to their mobile. However, the content at Telia SurfPort will of course differentiate depending on who the user is.

In addition to opening Telia SurfPort for everyone, the portal has been changed so that it appears more user friendly. The portal is designed for those who want to stay updated with news and infor-mation and who want to be able to search for information no matter where they are or when – and regardless of which telecom operator they use. Telia customers will though benefit from a range of services that other users do not have access to.

”Unrestricted, easy access to news and information seeking is the next logical step for mobile con-tent services – and a step that we have decided to take before anyone else,” explains Søren Krogh-Nielsen, Director of Product Management, TeliaSonera in Denmark.

User surveys show that mobile users over 25 years of age are interested in having access to e-mails, news, sports results, traffic reports and to search for information via the mobile Internet. The mobile can thus function as a mobile broadband for those on the move so that users can always stay up to date and utilise their time to best effect.

”The role of the mobile portal is to bring together relevant services and make them accessible to customers, as well as to ensure visibility in the market towards end-users, and therefore our portal will serve as an important tool whereby users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for,” says Søren Krogh-Nielsen.

Today the market for mobile content is dominated by downloads of ring tones, pictures and games, which typically appeal to the younger consumer. But TeliaSonera in Denmark believes that the more adult consumer segment will soon start using the mobile Internet. And it is this age group in particular that will be served by Telia SurfPort.

According to TeliaSonera in Denmark, the development of the mobile Internet is on the verge of fundamental and far-reaching changes, and the company expects to see many more brand-name producers and well-known content providers on the market and thus a much wider range of content and services.

To access Telia SurfPort, simply send an SMS with the text “SURFPORT” to 1231 or visit via your mobile.