The bosses and employees in Finnish companies are equal users of wireless communications devices

As mentioned in a survey ordered by TeliaSonera, the use of wireless communications devices, such as the mobile phone and the laptop, is very equal in Finnish companies. The position in the organization has no impact on the kind of communications devices a person has in use. In Finland, a company’s employees and bosses have equally many technical communications devices available. The difference to the other surveyed countries in TeliaSonera’s market area is clear: in those countries, bosses have more mobile working tools in use than their subordinates. Only Norway almost reached the Finnish level in equality.

The survey made by SIFO Research International was implemented, in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania. The target was to understand the use of wireless communications devices and the attitudes of business users to the ubiquitous wirelessness. The survey was targeted to persons who are employed by companies of over 50 persons and who work out of office at least two days a month and need mobile devices in their work. In Finland, 500 persons took part in the survey.

Finnish employers also pay, the most often among the surveyed countries, the costs of the technology used by the employees out of office. Even 90 per cent of Finns tell that their employers answer for the costs.

Among the surveyed countries, the Finns and the Lithuanians are best reachable as mobile phone users: three out of four Finnish respondents are reachable all the time.

“In the Finns’ view, the biggest advantage of mobile working is the possibility of a flexible timing of working duties. The second biggest advantage is the saving of time, which the Finns consider to be clearly more important compared to the other countries. Independence of place as well as efficiency are also essential for the Finns”, says Department Director Timo Aarvala of TeliaSonera Finland.

By far the biggest reason for the Finns’ working out of office is the need for meeting customers and colleagues somewhere else. The regular need for traveling and the reachability required by the job are also important background factors.

For Finns, the most usual out-of-office working places are the home (70%), hotel (67%), car (53%), and airport (29%); train (20%), summer-cottage (18%) and cafés (17%).

Calls, meetings, document writing, planning, preparations, handling e-mail and seeking for information are dealt with the most in these places.

While working out of office at home, a good third of the Finns patiently handle everyday routines, such as the filling of the washing machine or the doing of the cooking. More than a quarter goes out to work in the open air, when the weather is favourable. With the exception of Lithuania, the figures are a little higher in the other surveyed countries.

In case of technical problems, the Finns who work out of office rely the second most (73%), after the Danes (81%), on their employer’s IT support. In Lithuania, for example, three quarters of the respondents solve their problems themselves.

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