Halebop reduces call rates to more than 200 countries

Halebop is following up the international call rate reductions it introduced in March by making it cheaper to call to another 203 countries from Sweden. With the new offering, Halebop has now cut international call rates from mobile phones to all countries in its price list.

One month ago, Halebop reduced call rates for 27 countries. As of today, call rates have also been cut for countries such as Australia (from SEK 1.47/minute), Egypt (from SEK 1.97 /minute), Puerto Rico (from SEK 0.77/minute) and the United States (from SEK 1.47 /minute).

“We are continuing our initiative to introduce cheap rates for international calls from mobile phones. By reducing prices for another 203 countries, our offering becomes even stronger. With automatically low prices for international calls, low SMS rates and no charge for calls between Halebop phones, our offering is one of the best on the Swedish market today,” says Tobias Lennér, head of Halebop.

SMS messages for SEK 0.49 each to any country in the world
Halebop is continuing to offer customers the security of knowing exactly what they will pay for international calls. Halebop also has better call quality compared to what many calling card companies can offer. Since calls with Halebop do not require any complicated vouchers or special dialling codes before Halebop’s offering can be used, prepaid card customers can start calling abroad already today, all over the world.

Halebop’s customers have already been calling at highly competitive rates, starting at SEK 0.47/minute, to countries such as Croatia, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil. Call rates to some of the 27 destinations, reduced in the beginning of March, are also very attractive in competition with IP telephony alternatives. From Sweden, Halebop’s customers can also send SMS messages to any country in the world at a cost of SEK 0.49/message.

The entire pricing plan is available at www.halebop.se. To ensure their competitiveness, prices will be updated on a monthly basis. Prices are valid for phone calls made from Sweden.