Telia signs a major contract with the Västra Götaland region

Telia was chosen to handle the majority of the Västra Götaland region’s investments in IT and broadband over the coming years. The parties signed four agreements today that range over a period of 2-10 years and are estimated to value in total SEK 270 million.

In addition to the infrastructure build-out of a region-wide high-capacity network to all 49 municipalities, the agreements also encompass the Västra Götaland region’s own needs for fixed voice, mobile voice, data communications and a framework agreement for data communications for 45 of the municipalities.

“A region-wide high-capacity network is an important prerequisite for business and continued growth in Västra Götaland,” says Kent Johansson, member of the Regional Council and President of the Regional Development Committee. “It also lays the foundation for continued build-out of broadband in the region.”

More efficient health care
The agreement also creates new possibilities for the health care sector to work more efficiently. It presents an opportunity to complete the ongoing project on digitalized X-rays and continue the implementation of the digital journal system.

“This means that we can offer our residents improved and more efficient care,” says Johan Assarsson, Chief Executive of the region.

“Health care and medical services are important areas for us and the agreement with the Västra Götaland region demonstrates that the market believes in us,” says Anders Tillander, manager of Public and Key.

Broadband network completed in 2006
Completion of the region-wide high-capacity network is expected before the end of 2006. By having several connection points in the network, the risk for disruptions is minimized making the network extremely reliable.
All of the local networks that already exist in the region will be connected to the new high-speed network. The network is operator-independent and can be used by anyone having operator status.