The Research and Training Foundation of TeliaSonera Finland grants an award for merit to Professor Jukka Kemppinen

The Research and Training Foundation of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj has granted an award for merit of EUR 10,000 to Professor Jukka Kemppinen. Mr Kemppinen serves as Professor of Business Law at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Principal Scientist at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), Docent of Jurisprudence at Helsinki University Faculty of Law, and Docent of History of Civilizations at Turku University. Previously he served as a judge for a long time, particularly in cases related to intellectual property rights and communications, last as Justice at the Helsinki Court of Appeals.

”Jukka Kemppinen is a highly influential and developer personality in many issues related to digital economy, particularly as regards copyrights, intellectual property rights and database protection. His extensive experience and views have had an impact on the development of the entire telecommunications sector,” says Veikko Hara, Senior Vice President, CTO, of the TeliaSonera Group.

“This award means a great deal to me personally and to the parties I represent,” says Professor Jukka Kemppinen. “In my opinion, this means paying attention to the grey area: technology alone is not enough, as we must continuously think what is being done with it and by whom.”

The Research and Training Foundation of TeliaSonera Finland also awarded a research grant to eight persons who are writing their PhD theses and to two persons for research and development activities. The foundation has awarded grants for research related to the telecommunications industry since 1994. The aim of the grants is to tighten the cooperation between the world of science and the world of business and to steer the R&D activities at TeliaSonera Finland towards a more networked direction.

In 2006, grants of EUR 3,000 were awarded to the following research projects:

Risto Rajala: Determinants of Business Model Performance
Tuire Hiltunen: Consumer Resistance to Electronic Services
Timo Smura: Emerging Wireless Technologies and Competition in the Mobile Communications Industry
Anu Väätäinen: Hinnoittelun tutkimus ja kehittäminen asiakastarpeiden ja segmenttien pohjalta managed services –tuotealueella (Study and development of pricing on the basis of customer needs and segments in the product area of managed services)
Oriana Riva: Context-aware services in pervasive computing environments
Beata Segercrantz: What occurs during organizational restructuring? - A social constructionist perspective on product development
Reetta Räsänen: Segmentation of business customers in the Pan-Nordic ICT markets
Tommi Lampikoski: Radical Innovators at ict industry - assessing the potential to innovate: Comparative case studies of TeliaSonera, Apple, Starbucks and Virgin
Jarkko Vuorinen: Yritysten välinen innovaatioyhteistyö ja kilpailu verkostotaloudessa (Innovation cooperation and competition between companies in network economy)
Tapio Pitkäranta: Semantic Service Matching in Context-Aware Environment

For further information, please contact:

Veikko Hara, Senior Vice President, CTO, TeliaSonera
tel. +46 70 560 6690