125 leading Nordic film producers behind new Danish TV channel

A strong cooperative enterprise involving aerial and housing associations in alliance with Telia Stofa in Denmark has resulted in the first direct collaboration between TV viewers and film producers in a new Danish TV channel – Skandinavia!

Skandinavia – the filmmakers’ TV channel – is a quality channel broadcasting 100 per cent Danish and Nordic programme content. Behind the channel is another company that is owned by 125 leading film producers in the Nordic region, including Danes Bille August, Susanne Bier, Per Fly, Lars von Trier, Henning Carlsen, Erik Clausen, Jon Bang Carlsen and many others!

The film producers and co-owners of Skandinavia have available more than 3,000 films, and each year sees the addition of a further 300 new films.

Cooperation between the film producers behind Skandinavia and the aerial and housing associations opens up entirely new opportunities in the Danish media market. The aerial and housing associations that are in alliance with Telia in Denmark represent about 250,000 households and joining forces has enabled them to launch an entirely new TV channel.

Niels Aalbæk Jensen, managing director of Skandinavia, explains: ”The film producers/co-owners of Skandinavia are very pleased with the new cooperation with Telia Stofa in Denmark and have high expectations of it. Like the aerial and housing associations, the structure of Skandinavia is based on proud Danish cooperative traditions. Together we are strong, and with this agreement Danish viewers and Danish filmmakers have joined forces to create better and more relevant TV.”

The 11 aerial and housing associations behind the agreement represent the 250,000 households that will be able to receive Skandinavia when it premieres in September. The channel is part of Telia Stofa in Denmark’s large programme package, Favourite, which costs only DKK 6.25 per month per household.

”Telia Stofa in Denmark is interested in adding content to the programme package that gives users an attractive alternative to the many mainstream channels presently available,” adds Telia Stofa’s TV and Content manager Jørgen Kristensen. “This is an interesting initiative, and we and the aerial associations want to give it a chance. Therefore we have guaranteed the financial basis for the first year, after which the aim is to make the channel self-financing.”

Further information:

Further information:
TV and Content manager Jørgen Kristensen, Telia Stofa in Denmark, +45 2827 0401,
PR manager Rune Fick Hansen, Telia Denmark, +45 2827 7536
Managing director Niels Aalbæk Jensen, Scandinavia, +45 4095 0305.


Skandinavia – the filmmakers’ TV channel
Skandinavia, which premieres on 1 September at 4.00 pm, will broadcast roughly 80 per cent Danish quality films and programmes. The remaining 20 per cent of programming will be provided by film producers in the neighbouring Nordic countries. The channel will broadcast daily between 4.00 pm and 1.00 am, with programmes covering a range of genres for all ages. The channel will not broadcast news or sports programmes.

Skandinavia will broadcast entirely new programmes for children and youngsters daily from 4.00 pm. Skandinavia is a TV channel that does not broadcast ‘trigger-happy‘ cartoons – rather, it shows only the good that typifies Danish and Scandinavian children’s and youngster’s TV.

The early evening will feature good family entertainment, offering both serious viewing and fun programmes!

Late evening will cater for the adult film lover, with the very best productions by Danish and Nordic filmmakers. Late evening programming on Skandinavia will include many short films, which in themselves make up a unique genre!

TeliaSonera in Denmark
TeliaSonera in Denmark, which is owned by the stock exchange listed company TeliaSonera, is Denmark’s second biggest cable TV and broadband provider. The company has a staff of 400 and in 2005 had a turnover of DKK 742 million.
For more information, please visit www.telia.dk

Skandinavia ApS is owned 50 per cent by IDCD ApS and 50 per cent by 125 leading Nordic filmmakers. The managing director of Skandinavia is Niels Aalbæk Jensen. See also www.skandinavia.tv
For more information, please visit www.skandinavia.tv