Telia offers secure online data storage with automatic backup – first in Sweden to offer companies broadband service that includes secure online storage

Today, Telia is launching secure online storage of digital information for all its enterprise customers in Sweden that have broadband subscriptions. The service includes 100 free megabytes of storage per employee, at no extra cost, and the service can be upgraded to suit storage needs. Telia is the first in Sweden to offer secure online data storage as part of a company’s broadband subscription.

A recently conducted survey* in Sweden indicated that small businesses were deeply concerned about the risk of important information being erased from their computer hard drives. The same survey also showed that one out of four small businesses backup their computer files not more than once a month, or even less frequently. One out of ten small companies never backup their data.

“We want to make it simpler for companies to manage their digital information in a secure and smooth manner,” says Bodil Prising, Business Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. “That’s why the new service also includes a function for automatic backup.”

The storage service functions like an online hard disk on the Internet and each employee in a company can open a personal account with 100 megabytes of storage space at no extra cost. Through a simple interface,, files, documents, e-mails and other information can be stored and protected against hard drive crashes, theft, fire and viruses. Storage capacity can be increased at any time as needs increase.

Storage space in an employee’s computer can also be integrated with the online service, making it easier to store, retrieve and work with information. Files and folders are moved to the Web-based storage area just like they are moved on a desktop.

In addition to secure storage of documents and files, the service can be expanded and used as a company’s virtual server or as a file sharing function for coordinating project work. With a virtual server, a company avoids having to invest in its own servers and all employees can also access information from anywhere.

More information about the service is available at:

* About the survey
In a Web-based survey, Telia polled 1,842 small businesses (1-9 employees) about their IT and data security. All of Sweden is represented in the survey. The respondents are Telia customers. The survey was conducted November 25-30, 2005.