Summer surf wirelessly at a fixed monthly rate with Telia

The computer should be taken along when going to the summer house. According to the findings of Telia’s recent survey, “Summer Trends 2006”, that’s what seven out of ten Swedes think should be done. The survey confirms that Telia’s new service, Telia Wireless Broadband, is in tune with the times. For SEK 89 per month, Telia customers can surf wirelessly as much as they want, evenings and weekends, using a PC card in their computer.

In the Telia Summer Trends 2006 survey, 1,539 working people were asked about the type of IT equipment they have in their holiday homes and what kind of Internet connection they had. Seven out of ten respondents in the survey answered that they take their computer with them to their holiday home and six out of ten had portable computers. A few had a computer permanently installed in their summer cottage.

For Indra Åsander, head of the consumer market at TeliaSonera Sweden, the results of the survey confirm that the new service in Sweden, Telia Wireless Broadband (Telia trådlöst bredband in Swedish) is being launched at the right time.

“We believe that our customers will appreciate the possibility to surf, e-mail, chat and do their banking business wirelessly at a reasonable fixed monthly rate,” says Indra Åsander. “Earlier surveys have also indicated that this is something that people often do in the evening and on the weekend, especially during the summer.”

With Telia Wireless Broadband, customers use a PC card in their portable computer for connecting to the Internet over the mobile network. The service costs SEK 89 per month and subscribers can surf weekdays between 19.00 and 07.00 and on a 24-hour basis on weekends. When Telia launches its new service, customers can purchase a PC card for SEK 695 instead of the normal price of SEK 2,495.

The Telia Summer Trends 2006 survey indicates that mainly young people want to surf and e-mail wherever they want and that one out of four people in Sweden under the age of 35 can access their corporate intranet or servers from their holiday homes. Sixteen percent of the men in the survey had a portable computer with a PC card in their summer homes, while the corresponding figure for women was 6 percent.

About the survey
In the Summer Trends 2006 survey, in the report titled “This is what Swedes take with them to their summer cottages in 2006” (Swedish title: Det här tar svenskarna med till sommarstugan 2006), Telia surveyed 1,539 working people in Sweden about the type of IT equipment they have in their holiday homes and what type of Internet connection they have. All of Sweden is represented in the survey. All respondents work at companies that are customers of Telia. The survey period was May 16-22, 2006. Statistics from the survey are available in Swedish in the press archive at

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