TeliaSonera International Carrier launches VoIP Connect

Today, TeliaSonera International Carrier launches a new service, VoIP Connect, which will make it easier for service providers to offer voice over IP to their customers.

Through the new service, customers of TeliaSonera International Carrier will gain access to the TeliaSonera network via a gateway without making additional investments in new telephony servers.

“We are bringing a competitive advantage to our customers, because VoIP Connect makes it very easy for them to offer high quality international voice services to the end users. The service is an integrated part of our traditional Voice backbone and extensive IP platform. That is what makes it unique”, says Rene Timmermans, Head of Product and Business Management at TeliaSonera International Carrier.

To guarantee high voice quality TeliaSonera International Carrier requires a dedicated IP connection to be used between customer and carrier as the public internet is sensitive to congestion of the network, jitter and delay; all of which will negatively impact the voice quality.

Prior to the launch, successful tests have been performed with a number of satisfied customers and TeliaSonera International Carrier estimates that approximately 30-40 new customers will be using this service in the Nordic countries, Europe and the US before the end of this year. TeliaSonera International Carrier estimates that voice over IP will grow by 10 per cent each quarter in Western Europe and that 30 per cent of all broadband users will use IP-telephony by the end of 2007.

“Proactive monitoring of our customers’ VoIP services will be performed by our Customer Service Centre 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, irrespective of location, to quickly identify and resolve any customer issues”, Rene Timmermans adds.

By 2008 TeliaSonera International Carrier aims to be the number one VoIP carrier and by 2010, one of the top five Voice carriers in Europe.

About TeliaSonera International Carrier
TeliaSonera International Carrier is the leading European provider of quality, cross-border voice, IP and capacity services. We have a 20,000 km European network and 18,000 km fiber-based trans-American . TeliaSonera International Carrier is a wholly owned subsidiary to the TeliaSonera Group. Please visit our website for more information.