Sonera establishes a data warehouse on the Internet for consumers and small enterprises

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj launches Sonera Data Warehouse, an Internet-based storage service, in which digital photos, videos and other files are stored securely. They can also be easily and safely processed and shared on any computer and anywhere. The automatic backup copying frees the user from attending to the keeping safe of the files and thus contributes to the popularity of communications over the Internet.

The Sonera Data Warehouse service is open to all Finnish broadband users. The service enables the user to have a personalised online photo album for travel or family photos, for example. The user can also, if he or she so wishes, share with friends and family a link through which they can access the stored photos and videos.

After the user has registered for the service, he or she can easily download the automatic backup copying, the AutoStore program. The automatic backup operates as a background program, which means that the user can work normally on the computer while the program saves data simultaneously.

The data warehouse is also useful, when there is a need for sharing files that are too big to be sent by email or, for example, when the user wants to allow a friend to access selected files. The user only has to send a link from the service by email; then the recipients click the link and access the file or folder shared by the user.

Sonera Data Warehouse has also premium rate supplementary services available, such as the possibility of saving emails and utilizing data backup services on the mobile phone in order to secure for example contact information, calendar, notes and tasks, and saving files using the WebDrive program according to File Transfer Protocol that enables the user to utilise the network’s storage space as if it were part of one’s own computer.

The StoreSafe program is also a premium rate supplementary service that enables the user to encrypt his or her files before saving them to the service. Then nobody else has access to the files than the person who has the StoreSafe program and a personal PIN code in use.

”Many users have had big problems after the computer’s hard disk was broken. Therefore we are launching this new Internet service targeted to all Finnish broadband users. Sonera Data Warehouse is a good example of easy-to-use services that are needed for the information society to advance in a natural manner in Finland. The user’s data is stored in the Internet’s data warehouse almost as in a bank vault or a safe. Then the user has less trouble when the computer is broken or a USB memory stick or CD-ROM is lost”, says Director Eero Sinkkonen of TSF Info Society Structures&Services.

For more information please contact:

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