Sonera launches new high-speed broadband services based on optical fibre

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj launches new generation high-speed broadband services based on optical fibre and starts selling and delivering them to housing companies and their residents in the Greater Helsinki Area and in Tampere during the summer. The consumer customers will be offered the fastest broadband access in Finland, Sonera Laajakaista Extra (Sonera Broadband Extra), with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. The housing companies will be offered Sonera Kiinteistöyhteys Kuitu (Sonera Multi-Dwelling Fibre Access), with a speed of 1/1 Gbps.

”TeliaSonera Finland focuses major efforts on building a next generation network and developing services for it. An optic fibre network is a secure and sustainable solution, an investment in the future. For consumers and housing companies the optical fibre opens a door to new services. The next generation television technology – HDTV – for example, sets entirely new requirements for broadband access. In future, it will also be important to further develop the transactions between citizens and authorities. High-speed network connections are becoming a service comparable to the electric power network, and the optic fibre network offers a sufficient amount of capacity both now and in the future,” says Eero Sinkkonen, Head of the Information Society Structures and Services division at TeliaSonera Finland.

Optic fibre access provides enough capacity even for a demanding user, for the access offered to housing companies is based on the Metro Ethernet backbone network, which has a data transmission capacity of 1-10 Gbps. The optic fibre based service designed for housing companies will first be offered to selected housing companies in the Greater Helsinki Area and in Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

Broadband services implemented in the high-speed network will be available only for the residents of the housing companies connected to the fibre optic network.

1, 10 and 100 Mb

“The services will be targeted at 1, 10 and 100 Mbps user groups. A 1 Mb connection is suited for users of basic Internet services and 10 Mb is enough even for a whole family’s demanding media needs, whereas the 100 Mb access - the fastest in Finland - will be appreciated by heavy users and network game players. In light of the increasing delay demands of network games, for example, the 100 Mb service is of quite a different class than the current broadband connections”, says Juha-Pekka Weckström, Director, Products & Services, TeliaSonera Finland.

To facilitate the adoption and management of the services, TeliaSonera Finland will introduce a new self-service channel for end users, on which the customers can order a connection and change their transmission rate classes and services, for example.

In housing companies where the in-house network has not been revamped yet, the customer-specific maximum speed is 24/2 Mbps. When the fibre optic network is being built, however, it will also be easy to revamp the in-house network, if necessary, and to introduce security services and building technology, so that all the residents can exploit the services in full. The buidling of the network progresses in steps, and the service offered to housing companies is made affordable by the fact that the excavation work can be done in a whole area in one go.

The generations of the Internet change in periods of ten years. At the beginning of the 1990’s the Internet was used via a modem. At the beginning of the new millennium, broadband was introduced and voice joined in. In the next ten years the Internet usage will be driven by fibre based broadband technology. Apart from the Internet, it also enables voice, video, video-on-demand and HDTV.

The new fibre based broadband products now launched by TeliaSonera Finland are:
Sonera Kiinteistöyhteys Kuitu (Sonera Multi-Dwelling Fibre Access for housing companies)
Sonera Laajakaista Extra (Sonera Broadband Extra for consumer customers)

Supplementary services available:
Tilausvideot SF-Anytime (video-on-demand)
HS Musiikkilataamo (a mobile music service)

For further information, please contact TeliaSonera Finland:

Johan Flykt, Department Manager (sales)
Tel. +358 2040 58004, +358 400 494856

Lasse Mäki, Department Manager (product)
Tel. +358 2040 23447, +358 40 7543440