Sonera renews the invoicing of its broadband customers

As of September 1, Sonera changes the broadband invoicing of its consumer customers to take place afterwards. The renewal is based on both the feedback received from customers and the ever more versatile service offering by the company to which afterwards invoicing is better suited than pre-invoicing. For the customers, the change means more transparent invoicing as they will pay for the services already used during the invoicing period in question.

The change is automatically carried out during the autumn. The first invoices according to the new invoicing practice will reach customers in the next few days. There is no need for the customer to contact customer service due to the change in the invoicing practice.

“For the customer, the change means more transparency. If, for example, the customer receives an invoice dated September 15, it includes the basic charges until September 14. Any changes done during the invoicing period, such as an increase in the data transfer rate or introduction of supplementary services, will show on the subsequent invoice. The afterwards invoicing means that there is no need to send credit invoices or debit notes afterwards, “ says Petri Lahtinen, Director of Consumer Service Operations.

More demand for broadband services

There is a constant increase in faster and faster broadband connections and in services that require such connections. From the user’s viewpoint, it is essential that bringing into use different kinds of services and paying for them are as effortless and simple as possible. Even now, more than ten video services exist that utilise a fast broadband connection, ranging from movies to sports and children’s programmes.

These services are available as supplementary services for an additional charge: Sonera Tietovarasto (network disk service); HS Musiikkilataamo (music); SF-Anytime (movies); Film2Home (movies); Karaoke (karaoke); Fashion TV (fashion); Dancing Bee (gardening); Jetix (children’s programme); Wildlife (nature programmmes); Beyond Travel (travelling); Veikkausliiga (football); Elitserien (ice-hockey); Golfresan (golf); Free radicals (downhill skiing); Hutsfred TV (festival programmes); Skifilm (downhill skiing)

100 new employees will be hired to customer service

This year, TeliaSonera Finland has renewed its invoicing system of consumer broadband, among other things. The transfer from the old system to the new has turned out to be more challenging technically than anticipated, which has led to longer queues at the company’s customer service for invoicing.

TeliaSonera has set a goal to provide the best customer service to its customers, making use of different service channels. The company will hire, during this autumn, 100 new customer service advisers in four localities. The new employees will bring additional resources to match the requirements of higher number of customers.

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