Telia launches new music service with Absolute Music

Today, Telia is launching a subscription service in Sweden for downloading music to computers and mobile telephones. For a fee of SEK 89, customers can download a new digital album each month with the 12 latest hits from Absolute Music, or with ten songs of their choice. The service also includes 500 MB of free storage space in Telia’s secure storage service (Telia Säker Lagring).

In just one year, Telia’s music portal has grown to become one of the biggest in Sweden for music downloads. With more than 1.5 million songs in the Source music store, Telia can offer customers everything from classical music to the latest hits.

In the new music subscription service, customers pay a fixed monthly fee to download the latest album with 12 new hits from Absolute Music Download, or they can choose ten songs from the music store on and on Telia’s SurfPort mobile portal. The songs can be downloaded to a mobile phone or a computer.

“The mobile phone has become the music machine of our age. By offering this new subscription service, our customers can have constant access to their favourite music on their mobile phone. We’re pleased that we can collaborate with one of Sweden’s strongest music brands,” says Håkan Dahlström, head of Mobile Services in Sweden for TeliaSonera.

The cooperation between Telia and Absolute Records is unique and the first of its type in Sweden. Telia’s subscription service differs from similar music services on the market because it lets customers keep their downloaded music files even if they should choose to cancel their subscription later.

”It’s very exciting to collaborate with Telia. Absolute Music is the best-selling music compilation series on CD in Sweden, and with Telia’s 4.4 million subscribers, we think Absolute Music Download will be an equally big success,” says Niklas Ehring, Managing Director of EVA Records/Absolute Music.

The music subscription service is connected to the secure storage service offered by Telia (Telia Säker Lagring) and the fixed monthly fee includes 500 MB of storage space where customers can save their downloaded songs. Storage capacity can be increased if customers need it. If a customer should lose his or her mobile, or have computer problems, the songs will always be securely stored.