Companies want to buy their IT as a hosted service

Companies increasingly often want to buy their IT and communications solutions as a hosted service, receiving a monthly bill. This view is according to analyses conducted by Gartner Group and is also supported by TeliaSonera’s own surveys and the feedback received from users. The company has therefore set out to invest and to develop its offering clearly in the direction of services so as to be able to meet the customers’ needs. TeliaSonera’s recent acquisitions communicate the company’s firm belief in the delivery of local solutions close to the customer and in the strong growth potential of IT applications and communications solutions provided over the network as a hosted service.

In less than a year, the company has acquired Crescom Oy, which designs, builds and manages customers’ critical server systems; Cygate Oy, which is a provider of secure and managed IP network solutions and a system integrator; and the national DataInfo chain.

SaaS as part of a total solution

‘Many surveys have shown that companies want IT and communications services that are easy to buy and use. We are now focusing especially on SaaS (Software as a Service), i.e. providing IT services for customers over the network as a hosted service, and we’re also investing in it a great deal, because we believe it has significant growth potential in the business market,' says Jorma Maaninka of TeliaSonera Integrated Enterprise Services Finland, who was recently appointed Managing Director of DataInfo Oy.

‘The acquisitions of Crescom, Cygate and DataInfo reinforce TeliaSonera’s position as a comprehensive provider of IT and communications solutions. The customers increasingly often want to buy a total service from a single vendor and receive a monthly bill in order to ensure that the systems are compatible and to be able to anticipate the total costs. This is why we want to offer easy-to-buy service entities – including access, equipment, software and maintenance – to companies of all sizes at a fixed monthly charge. This releases the companies’ resources, allowing them to concentrate on their core business,’ says Jorma Maaninka.

‘Crescom’s SaaS expertise, Cygate’s expertise in system integration and DataInfo’s experience in overall deliveries and local service are now TeliaSonera’s central strengths in the provision of total solutions for companies. Demand for SaaS in particular is on the increase in companies that have little IT or telecom competence of their own. This is why they are also eager to buy IT solutions as a hosted service. From the customer’s point of view, SaaS also facilitates the launch of new businesses,' says Jorma Maaninka.

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