Employer/employee negotiations in TeliaSonera's IES business area concluded – no-one will be dismissed

The employer/employee negotiations launched by TeliaSonera Finland Oyj in certain units of the Integrated Enterprise Services business area on September 3, 2007 have now been concluded. As a result of the negotiations, 41 employees will transfer to TeliaSonera Finland’s Competence Pool, where they will be offered training opportunities and a longer period of notice than normal for job seeking and redeployment.

The basis for the negotiations was the need to streamline the operations and to adapt the number of jobs to the changed business environment. The negotiations affected altogether 1,170 employees in the following units in Finland: Product Management & Development, Professional Services & Production, Adapted Solutions, and Business Control and Development.

Of the employees who participated in the employer/employee procedure, 41 will transfer to TeliaSonera Finland’s Competence Pool, which offers redeployment and training opportunities. At the beginning of the negotiations, it was estimated that there was a need to reduce about 90 jobs. The rest of the reductions will be implemented through transfers to other positions either within or outside the TeliaSonera Group and by discontinuing temporary vacancies.

Of the employees currently at TeliaSonera Finland’s Competence Pool, 54 are active job seekers, 61 are in fixed-term positions within the company, and 22 are in on-the-job training. Of the employees transferred to Competence Pool since the beginning of 2006, 114 have found new permanent positions within the company.

For more information, please contact:

Ahti Martikainen, Head of Communications, TeliaSonera Finland, tel. +358 (0)40 3024500
Juha Pentti, Vice President, Human Resources, TeliaSonera Finland, tel. +358 (0)40 5074668