Sonera boosts mobile broadband

Sonera updates its service portfolio in mobile broadband and expands its 3G network to cover over a hundred localities.

Sonera revamps its mobile broadband services offered in the mobile network. As of the beginning of November, flat-rate mobile broadband access of 1 Mbps will be included in the My Sonera subscription available for consumer customers. The new price of the Sonera Data Month service will be €19.80/month. For business customers, a flat-rate data transmission service has already been available for some time.

“An increasing number of customers want to stay connected and, for example, work and use the email or surf and download music from the Internet on a mobile phone or laptop. Sonera Data Hour, which allows you to surf for one hour at 90 cents, has been very popular among basic users. As the use of mobile broadband is increasing heavily, we also want to provide a clear and attractive option for active users,” says Director Pasi Mehtonen of Mobility Services Finland.

The 1 Mb broadband access functions in Sonera’s whole 3G network, which was upgraded to turbo speed in the summer with HSPA technology. An access speed of 2 Mbps is also available.

“Wireless data transmission is constantly gaining in popularity. According to a recent survey by TeliaSonera and Nokia, 50% of corporate customers use email on the mobile phone. Also, our October offer of 24-hour mobile broadband access at the price of 1 hour has attracted customers to test the services,” says Pasi Mehtonen.

3G network expanded continuously

At the end of the year, Sonera’s 3G network will be operational in about 110 localities, covering two thirds of the population in Finland. The most recently covered localities include Anjalankoski, Iisalmi, Kankaanpää, Keuruu, Laukaa and Vihti. By the end of the year, the network will be rolled out, for example, in Kitee, Kontiolahti, Lapua, Liperi, Nurmo, Pieksämäki, Saarijärvi, Uusikaupunki, Vammala and Ylivieska.

The higher-speed data transmission enabled by a 3G network is needed for more flexible use of many new mobile services, such as Sonera’s Mobile TV, Navigator, video calls and games, as well as for mobile working and the use of the mobile Internet.

For further information journalists can contact:
Pasi Mehtonen, Director, tel. +358 40 717 1370