Swedes set new SMS record on Christmas Eve

15.4 million SMS messages were sent over Telia’s network A huge new record was set on Christmas Eve for the number of SMS messages sent. No less than 15.4 million SMS messages were sent over the Telia network on Christmas Eve. 24 December is one of the year’s most intensive texting days and, according to the annual Telia Christmas survey, by far the largest number of greetings was sent before Donald Duck and Friends.

New record

Last year, 9.3 million SMS messages were sent over the Telia network on Christmas Eve. This figure was overshadowed this year, when Telia customers sent 15.4 million SMS messages. In the annual Telia survey, 30 percent of the respondents stated that they preferred to send Christmas greetings by SMS, 26 percent mailed their Christmas greetings, and 23 percent chose to phone.

“The fact that so many people decided to send their Merry Christmas wishes by SMS exceeded all of our expectations. In addition to SMS, MMS and e-mails are being used to an increasing extent for conveying personal greetings. We can now claim with certainty that digital greetings are the new Christmas card,” says Håkan Dahlström, head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera in Sweden.

It is now very probable that Swedes will be setting a new SMS record on New Year’s Eve as well. 17 million New Year greetings were sent last year and all signs suggest that a massive new record of more than 22 million SMS messages will be set this year over the Telia network.

SMS messages during early service on Christmas Day

The annual Telia Christmas survey shows that we prefer to phone, e-mail or SMS our Christmas greetings just before the popular annual Christmas television programme “Donald Duck and Friends” (37 percent). One third (34 percent) choose to get in touch first thing in the morning, and 19 percent after Bengt Feldreich has finished announcing “Donald Duck and Friends”. Only 6 percent held back their Christmas greetings until the Christmas presents were being dealt out. But sending Christmas greetings during Christmas dinner is less popular, as it also is during the early service on Christmas Day, when only 1 percent dares to send greetings to friends.

When do you phone/text your Merry Christmas wishes on Christmas Eve?

1. Before Donald Duck and Friends (Kalle Anka och hans vänner) 37%

2. First thing in the morning 34%

3. After Donald Duck and Friends 19%

4. When Christmas presents are being handed out 6%

5. During Christmas dinner 2%

6. During Christmas lunch (everyone present records a song that is then sent) 2%

7. During early service on Christmas Day 1%

Telia Christmas survey 2007

Telia has interviewed 8192 Swedes about their communication habits during Christmas. The whole of Sweden is represented. The respondents are Telia customers. The field period was 9 November to 16 November.

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