“War of the Mobiles” under the Christmas tree – twice as many wish for a Sony Ericsson over a Nokia

8,000 Swedes surveyed about Christmas December is a very busy month for selling mobile telephones in Sweden. One out of three people in the country are wishing for a new mobile phone and the battle for Christmas shoppers is being waged almost entirely between Sony Ericsson and Nokia. Thin mobiles equipped with an Internet connection are the trend this year. However, a built-in camera and large screen are still considered to be important features on mobile phones for the Swedish people

The distance to other manufacturers is secure for the two most popular brands, Sony Ericsson (61 percent) and Nokia (30 percent). Other brands, such as Motorola, Samsung, Apple and LG, are on only 9 percent of all Christmas wish-lists.

The preferences for Sony Ericsson are more or less the same, regardless of age group or gender (about 60 percent overall). However, men and persons under the age of 26 are wishing for a Nokia mobile to a lesser extent than the average (21 percent and 27 percent, respectively).

“December is a very busy month for our retail shops and online store. The best-selling products are portable computers with a mobile broadband modem and thin mobile phones with an Internet connection and large screen,” says Fredrik Rudberg, Head of Sales for Mobility Services at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Women want thin and men want to surf

Thin mobile handsets are particularly coveted by women and persons younger than 26. Men mainly want mobiles with an Internet connection and the possibility to surf and read e-mail. Of all men who responded to Telia’s Christmas survey, 34 percent want these features, as well as 32 percent of all 60-year-olds.

One out of three Swedes (33 percent) want a mobile phone for Christmas, although the most popular gift for 2007 is this year’s tech-present, a portable computer (43 percent).

About Telia’s 2007 Christmas survey in Sweden

Telia asked 8,192 people in Sweden about their communication habits during the Christmas holidays. All of Sweden is represented in the survey. The respondents are Telia customers. The survey period was November 9 to November 16, 2007.

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The hottest mobile phones from Ericsson and Nokia right now:

Thirty-four percent of the women who were surveyed want a Nokia phone for a Christmas present. Among respondents under the age of 26, 56 percent want a music mobile as a gift. Thirty-four percent of the women respondents think it is important to have a thin mobile phone. So, if you have a sister, she would be pleased to get a thin music mobile like the Nokia 5310.

Among those 60 or older, 32 percent want to surf with their mobile and 63 percent want a mobile handset with a big screen. Grandpa would therefore be glad to get a Sony Ericsson P1i for Christmas.

Among the women, 55 percent want a mobile phone with a good camera as a Christmas present and 62 percent of those age 60 or older want a Sony Ericsson for a gift. Grandma would therefore be pleased to get a Sony Ericsson K850i.

Among Swedes under the age of 26, 63 percent would prefer to see a Sony Ericsson under the Christmas tree and 56 percent under the age of 26 say that it is important that a mobile for Christmas is a good music mobile. For 30 percent of the men, a thin phone is important. So if you have a brother, he would be happy to get a Sony Ericsson W910i.

Fifty-five percent of the women in the survey think it is important that their Christmas present mobile has a good camera, and 58 percent of Swedes between the age of 26 and 44 also believe it is important that their Christmas mobile has a good camera. Mom would therefore be glad to get the super-hot Nokia N82 with five megapixel camera.

A Sony Ericsson with a large screen – that’s what the Swedes want this year

What do you want most of all for a Christmas gift?

1. A portable computer 43%

2. A new mobile phone 33%

3. Faster broadband 14%

4. A mobile broadband modem for my computer 10%

If you get a new mobile for Christmas, which brand should it be?

1. Sony Ericsson 61%

2. Nokia 30%

3. Other: Apple, Samsung, Motorola and LG 8%

If you get a new mobile for Christmas, which features should it


1. It should have a large screen 56%

2. It should have a good camera 51%

3. It should be thin 32%

4. It should have an Internet connection 31%

5. It should be a good music mobile 28%

6.It should be very small 15%