Navigation service Telia Navigator now available also for computers

(3GSM World Congress, Barcelona) The first PC-based navigation service with online maps is now a reality in Sweden. TeliaSonera extends the mobile navigation service Telia Navigator to also run on computers as of March 1 this year. By entering the destination, the user gets help in choosing the best route to take, all over Western Europe. Telia Navigator allows searches on name, address or phone number of the person or company that the user wants to reach, and, as the search result, the service produces a moving map with driving instructions directly on the mobile or PC. The service is based on GPS technology.

The new extended navigation service primarily targets businesses that have computers mounted in their cars, for instance transport companies and maintenance personnel who receive work or transport orders directly to the computer. The service also provides information about traffic disturbances, the nearest petrol station, restaurant or places of interest along the way.

”Obtaining the correct route description quickly on the mobile is much appreciated by many companies, as this facilitates smart and efficient working. By adapting the navigation service for the PC, we reach new customer groups, and the fixed price helps customers keep track of their costs, which we know companies value,” says Håkan Dahlström, head of Mobility Services Sweden in TeliaSonera.

Up-to-date maps

Telia Navigator continually updates the maps with the correct information via the Internet. Consequently, users need not update the maps using expensive CDs. By combining the navigation service with Telia’s service for wireless Internet access on the computer, Telia Connect, customers can always be sure they quickly receive the best route description for their destination.

Better prices with cost control

From February 1, also the mobile data traffic is included in the monthly charge for the service, which is SEK 79.20 excl. VAT (SEK 99 incl. VAT) for one month of navigation, and SEK 880 excl. VAT (SEK 1,100 incl. VAT) for 12 months of navigation. At the same time, the price of the start package is reduced by just over 20% to SEK 796 excl. VAT (SEK 995 incl. VAT).

As of March 1 the new PC-based Telia Navigator service will be available to customers.

Demos of Telia Navigator at 3GSM World Congress

Telia Navigator will be demoed to journalists at TeliaSonera’s media center February 12 -14 at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona.