New multi-million SMS record set on St. Valentine’s Day

It seems like new records are being constantly set for SMS messaging in Sweden. Yesterday, on St. Valentine’s Day, close to 7.2 million SMS messages were sent to family, sweethearts and friends over Telia’s mobile network, an increase of more than 100 percent over last year.

The Swedes set the first SMS record of 2007 during the New Year’s holiday weekend, sending more than 17 million SMS messages. On New Year’s Eve alone, people in Sweden sent 10 million SMS messages over Telia’s mobile network in Sweden.

Now the Swedish people have set yet another SMS record with 7.2 million SMS messages on St. Valentine’s Day. This might be fewer than on New Year’s Eve – the truly big 24-hour period for text messaging – but it is still a new record compared with last year, when 3.4 million SMS messages were sent over Telia’s mobile network on St. Valentine’s Day.

“This record is yet another indication of how popular it is to send an SMS message to our family and friends. We’re pleased that our customers are using SMS messaging more and more on an everyday basis,” says Håkan Dahlström, head of Mobile Services in Sweden for TeliaSonera.