TeliaSonera Finland reaches agreement with Elisa and DNA on new mobile interconnection fees

TeliaSonera Finland has reached an agreement with Elisa Corporation and DNA Networks Ltd on new mobile interconnection fees for the years 2007-2010. According to the agreement, the parties will adopt symmetrical interconnection pricing in December 2009. TeliaSonera Finland and Elisa will have the same prices already from the beginning of 2008.

Interconnection prices 2007-2008, eurocent/min:


2007 6.6 7.0 8.2

2008 5.1 5.1 6.0

At the beginning of 2009, DNA’s price will be 0.5 cents higher than TSF’s and Elisa’s, and from December 2009 all three parties will have an equal interconnection price.

TeliaSonera estimates that the new interconnection pricing will have a positive effect of approximately SEK 150 million (EUR 15 million) on the 2007 result of Finnish mobile communications, assuming the current traffic volumes and taking into account the change in the agreement with Elisa for the year 2007. The additional effect on the result of the forthcoming years is estimated to be smaller depending on market development.