“Top ten” in mobile phone sales in Telia stores in January 2007

3G handsets have gained a firm foothold in Telia’s Top Ten List of best-selling mobile phones in Sweden. Four out of ten mobiles sold in January were 3G phones. However, two less advanced mobiles – for example, without MP3 player and e-mail – were also among the top three. These two phones were included in the January clearance sales at Telia retail outlets in Sweden. The Nokia 1110i captured first place in the January Top Ten List.

With the exception of a few simpler mobile handsets, the January Top Ten List was still dominated by mobiles with built-in camera, e-mail reader and music player. Eight out of ten phones had a camera. Seven out of ten had e-mail and a MP3 player. The 3G card for wireless surfing on portable computers remained on this month’s list, taking sixth place.

Ranking Jan. 2007 Ranking Dec. 2006 Handset model Note

1 2 Nokia 1110i

2 4 Sony Ericsson SP + K + @ + MP3 +

K800i TN + 3G

3 New Nokia 5140i SP + K

4 1 Sony Ericsson SP + K + @ + MP3 +

W850i TN + 3G

5 10 Sony Ericsson SP + K + @ + MP3 +

Z710i TN

6 5 New Huawei 3G/GSM 3G + PC SP + K + @

USB-modemSony + MP3 + TN

Ericsson K510i

8 6 Nokia N73 SP + K + @ + MP3 +

TN + 3G

9 New Sony Ericsson SP + K + @ + MP3 +

K750i TN

10 9 Sony Ericsson SP + K + @ + MP3 +

Z530i TN

Explanation for abbreviations under SP – sold with preconfigured Telia SurfPort subscription; K – with built-in camera; 3G – for both GSM and 3G networks, MP3 – with built-in MP3 player, @ – with built-in e-mail reader, TN – can be used with Telia Navigator, PC – PC card for computers.

The statistics are based on sales in 75 Telia retail stores in Sweden. Telia has the largest retail chain in Sweden for telecom products and is one of the biggest resellers of mobile phones in the country.