Telia Trend Report 2007: IT Managers 2.0 – from operating responsibility to business responsibility

The IT managers of companies are now being given a role that is more supportive and strategic for their company’s business. Responsibility for operations is being outsourced to suppliers and investments in information technology are increasing, which is putting new and higher demands on IT managers. This is one of the findings of the Telia Trend Report survey, which polled approximately 10,000 private and business customers, of whom about 750 were IT managers.

The IT managers of enterprises in Sweden believe their role will change over the next two years. Six out of ten stated that their role will be more supportive of the company’s business and it will put greater demands on the competence of those who order services. One out of two IT managers also believes that they will operate a smaller amount of technology under their own management. According to the Telia Trend Report survey, 36 percent of the companies have already outsourced the operation of their communications network to an external supplier.

“As the communication solutions of companies become increasingly complex and business-critical, interest is growing in purchasing managed services instead of individual products and services,” says Anders Tillander, acting head of the enterprise segment at TeliaSonera. “A growing number of companies want a finished package that they can easily order and implement.”

Investments in IT and telecom are increasing

Companies in Sweden believe that 2007 will a strong year for business. Exactly as they did last year, companies believe they will experience a strong trend of sales during the coming year. Three out of four companies (76 percent) believe their company’s sales will develop positively or very positively during 2007. Only 2 percent of the companies believe the opposite. As many as 85 percent of the companies are planning to maintain or increase the level of their IT investment during 2007. Almost one out of three companies (30 percent) is planning on increasing their IT investment. The most popular services to invest in during 2007 are:

1. Push E-mail to mobiles – 24 percent

1. Faster broadband – 24 percent

3. Portable computers for the majority of their employees – 21 percent

4. PC cards for portable computers – 16 percent

5. 3G mobiles – 14 percent

Daily business tools, such as the mobile phone and portable computer, are becoming more critical for work. According to the Telia Trend Report, every other IT manager (51 percent) says that they would return home to get their work mobile phone if they discovered on the way to work that they had forgotten it at home. Almost just as many (48 percent) would return home to pick up their portable computer if they left it at home.

About the Telia Trend Report 2007

Telia has conducted two separate online surveys to poll private and enterprise customers. The survey of private persons covered 8,887 Telia customers (all ages), who responded to questions about communications in the home. The survey of companies encompassed 1,404 people who answered questions about communications at work, of whom 744 were IT managers. The respondents had titles such as Managing Director, CFO and IT Manager. All of Sweden was represented in the survey and the size of the responding companies varied from less than ten employees to more than 500 employees. The surveys were conducted from December 14, 2006 to January 11, 2007.