Sonera renews its mobile subscription – freedom of choice for the customer

Starting from April 25, Sonera will offer only one mobile subscription to consumer customers. My Sonera is the most flexible and adaptive subscription on the market, as it is tailored according to the customer’s needs.

The customer can choose a suitable mobile phone with a bundled offering, with cash or use an existing phone. The subscription can be tailored with a voice package out of nine alternatives up to 2000 minutes, independent of whether it is a bundled or non-bundled offering or a 2G phone. Mobile calls can also be purchased with a per minute price. My Sonera can be further tailored with an SMS package, data service and other services and Sonera content, such as MultiSIM, MobileTV, Sonera Family, virus protection and loyalty program.

With the new subscription, customers can freely choose voice and SMS packages with non-bundled phones. Packages can be upgraded and downgraded, and the customer can go from per minute pricing to packages and vice versa.

”The subscription-based business model has come to an end in Finland. It is now time to move forward to a genuinely customer-oriented model. The operators have tried to guess what the customer might want and based on this, tailored subscriptions after subscriptions. Now the customers will get from us the kind of subscriptions they want,” says Senior Vice President Esa Rautalinko, Mobility Services Finland.

The new subscription unifies the pricing. Voice, SMS and data packages cost the same with bundled, 2G and 3G phones. With per minute pricing, the call-specific opening charge is still applied.

”With My Sonera, we get rid of the constraints of the subscription-based model and are also more competitive for example for heavy users and 2G-customers, who can now choose voice and SMS packages. Of course it is a welcome change for all our customers that we offer the widest freedom of choice in the network that is the best and has the widest coverage in Finland,” says Esa Rautalinko.

Old subscriptions sold no more

With the introduction of the new release, old Sonera Netto and zeroforty subscription sales will be closed because My Sonera covers them, too. Old non-bundled subscription types (Netto, zeroforty, One, Max) remain with current customers, but the customer can adapt the new kind of subscription, too. No actions are required from current customers.

Parempi Päivä customers will get the potential of the new offering and the name of the subscription is changed to My Sonera. Such Parempi Päivä customers who do not have voice packages can acquire them from the beginning of May. The name of the subscription is changed to My Sonera, and the voice and SMS prices will change accordingly starting from the launch of My Sonera.

My Sonera pricing

Voice packages

Min €/month
0: 1,99 €
50: 5,90 €
100: 9,90 €
200: 15,90 €
350: 19,90 €
500: 23,90 €
800: 32,90 €
1200: 44,90 €
1500: 54,90 €
2000: 69,90 €

SMS packages

Min €/month
0: 0 €
50: 1,90 €
150: 4,50 €
500: 9,90 €
1000: 11,90 €

With per minute pricing, the price is €0.079/min + €0.049 opening charge. Calls are charged in full minutes.

Other services and content according to the price list.

For further information journalists can contact:
Senior Vice President Esa Rautalinko, Mobility Services Finland, tel. +358 400 740 997