100,000 customers have chosen Telia Digital-tv in Sweden

Households in Sweden have responded enthusiastically to Telia’s digital television initiative. Customer uptake over the past few months has surpassed all expectations and this week the 100,000th television customer subscribed to the Telia Digital-tv service.

“We know we have one of the strongest digital television offerings on the Swedish market but the response from customers has surpassed all our expectations and we are extremely pleased to see it, says Kent Jonsson, Vice president Consumer market broadband at TeliaSonera Sweden.”

Since the launch of Telia Digital-tv in Sweden, Telia has continuously built out switching centres and approximately 2.5 million Swedish households can receive digital television service through their phone jack today. Over the past few months, Telia has developed its digital television offer with new packages of channels and interactive services.

The video-on-demand service is being used more and more by customers who have realised the advantages of being able to rent their Friday night movie right from the living-room sofa. Customers can also surf the Internet on their television set and use the “Mina Bilder” (“My Pictures”) service to view the photos they have stored on Telia’s secure servers.

“Our needs and behaviour are changing all the time. Customers increasingly want to control their own media consumption and watch television and films when it suits them. And we also want to create services that cater to these requirements,” continues Kent Jonsson.

Telia Digital-tv is provided through broadband. Television signals are received through the ordinary telephone jack. Customers who chose to receive television signals this way do not need a satellite dish or new antenna to watch television when the analogue terrestrial network is discontinued in Sweden.