Neste Oil starts using TeliaSonera’s WAN covering the stations for professional traffic

Neste Oil gives TeliaSonera the overall responsibility for the management of the WAN (wide area network) covering its 300+ business locations. The new IP-based network will include the D stations serving professional traffic all over Finland. Thanks to the network, the stations can be operated from remote locations and new supplementary services can be offered to Neste Oil’s customers.

The network, implemented with the help of TeliaSonera's Datanet service, will cover both Neste Oil’s office network of more than 30 locations and its 300+ fuelling stations all over Finland. According to the agreement, TeliaSonera is in charge of the implementation, maintenance, monitoring, support, and development of the wide area network. The new IP-based network gives Neste Oil access to a real-time, cost-effective, and modern network entity.

“Besides cost-effectiveness, Neste Oil’s most important criteria for choosing the WAN were geographical coverage and usability. More than anything, we were after network coverage, as heavy traffic D stations are located also in remote areas in addition to population centres. It is also a key concern of transport professionals to have the services available 24/7 all the year round,” says Development Manager Timo Hietaharju from Neste Oil.

The new D station network makes it possible for professional traffic to use a real-time data transfer connection through which Neste Oil can offer its customers both refuelling and new supplementary services.

Previously, TeliaSonera was responsible for maintaining and delivering the WAN at Neste Oil’s domestic office. The new framework agreement makes it possible to expand the services and supports TeliaSonera’s growth target as a provider of managed services for companies.

“WAN services are a significant step for us in initiating wider-scale cooperation with Neste Oil. In the future, it is easy to include, say, the station network both in Finland and abroad in the IP-based network. The modern network makes it possible to integrate voice and data services and develop both cash register and payment certificate systems to better serve Neste Oil's customers,” explains Vice President Tuomo Merentie from TeliaSonera.

With WAN managed services provided by TeliaSonera, it is possible to combine the customer’s local area networks or other network solutions located in different countries or locations into a single entity. The locations and their applications included in the network can be operated in a controlled and monitored way within the closed, secure customer network. TeliaSonera is in charge of the planning and implementation of the solution delivered to the customer, the maintenance of the service, and customer support. The service also functions as a platform for other IP-based services included in the customer network provided by TeliaSonera.

Further information:

Tuomo Merentie, Vice President, Global Accounts, Integrated Enterprise Services, TeliaSonera
Tel.: +358 40 8310554

Timo Hietaharju, Development Manager, Payment Systems, Neste Marketing Ltd
Tel.: +358 50 458 8691