Premature changes caused by a fault in the delivery system fault of Sonera’s broadband subscriptions have been fixed for the most part

As a result of a power failure on Wednesday, June 27, Sonera’s delivery system became faulty and prematurely started automatic change and termination tasks on broadband and phone subscriptions of Sonera’s fixed network company, operator, and consumer customers. The fault has for the most part been fixed and its effects remained small.

”The problem mostly concerned consumer broadband customers, whose subscriptions were closed prematurely. As a result of prompt repair measures, most of these have been restored and the rest will probably be restored by Friday evening. Likewise, the rest of the terminated broadband subscriptions of operator customers will be restored during this day, as things look now. All the company data subscriptions have already been restored. The effects on fixed voice subscriptions proved to be minimal,” says Marja-Liisa Pietikäinen, in charge of TeliaSonera’s delivery and billing services.

The fault situation began at 4am on June 27, when a server that had broken as a result of a power failure was restarted. In this context, an erroneous date of July 27, 2007 was set as the server’s date and time, which caused the change work automatically timed for a month in advance to progress in the systems prematurely. The date was corrected within a couple of hours at 6am, but still a number of change tasks had already been sent. The fault repair measures of the erroneous timing were initiated immediately.

Most of the change tasks, such as deactivations of cancelled subscriptions, done prematurely had been scheduled for the turn of the month. In such a case, a customer’s subscription stopped working four days before it was intended to. Correspondingly, some customers had ordered a rate increase for their broadband subscription, which was also activated prematurely. In fault repair, the focus is naturally on the changes that cause most disadvantage to the customers.

“This was a human error. The date is manually entered in the server and the wrong month was now entered. It is regrettable that the error caused harm to our customers.,” says Marja-Liisa Pietikäinen.

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