Telia launches triple play package with IP telephony

Telia has offered IP telephony on the business market for some time and is now turning to the consumer market. Starting today, 2.4 million Swedish households can choose between three different triple play packages with broadband, digital TV and IP telephony.

"We know that some consumers want IP telephony, which is why we are introducing the offer. Telia is today, thanks to its recent investments in digital TV, Sweden's largest supplier of triple play with landline telephony. We are now expanding into a totally IP-based solution," says Erik Hallberg, head of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera in Sweden.

Even if demand for IP telephony increases, Telia does not believe the new technology will attract a large number of users. The possibility of being able to maximize their use of broadband will attract some users, although the low price will probably be the primary reason customers would consider giving up their landline telephone. Many are also hesitant to switch due to the disadvantages of IP telephony, for example power failure and 911 calls.

"We will offer both landline and IP telephony in the foreseeable future. There is no doubt, however, that IP telephony will over time become the dominant service, and our focus on increasing the number of IP-based services is clear," says Erik Hallberg.

Due to technical limitations, Telia will initially only be able to offer approximately 2.4 million households triple play with broadband, digital TV and IP telephony. However, the build-out is continuing across the country. Broadband customers with broadband via their telephone jack (ADSL) will be the first to be able to use the service. Telia's goal is to also offer customers connected with fiber LAN the same type of service.

Three triple play packages will be offered initially.

IP telephony, digital TV and broadband up to 2 Mbps

SEK 349/month

The above package with up to 8 Mbps

SEK 369/month

The above package with up to 24 Mbps

SEK 419/month

Digital TV in the Multi channel package is free for 12 months during the special offer (regular price SEK 129 per month).

The above prices include the Start channel package, which has 8 channels.

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