TeliaSonera offers the entrepreneurs a turnkey service package which saves time and increases profitability

TeliaSonera launches the most extensive integrated full-service solution in the market for small and medium-sized enterprises. The turnkey package Sonera Easy Box includes the necessary equipment as well as all communications services previously targeted exclusively to large-scale enterprises, such as the PBX service and mobile email. “The entrepreneur can easily purchase and implement the package under one agreement and one invoice, which means that time is saved, the expenses can be anticipated, and the entrepreneur need not invest in internal IT expertise,” explains Head of Sales Jorma Maaninka from TeliaSonera.

In Sonera’s new Easy Box solution, all the communications needed by small and medium-sized companies are integrated in a comprehensive service package which releases the entrepreneur from technical concerns and the need to harmonize the services. At this stage, the service is targeted to companies with no in-house IT functions employing less than 50 people.

The standard Sonera Easy Box comes with ready-to-use mobile phones and laptops with wireless connections plus a fixed Internet subscription tailored for companies, including an integrated firewall service ensuring data security. The mobile phones include 1,000 minutes of call time and 30 MB of data transfer per month. Working becomes more efficient, thanks to a mobile PBX service, automatic secretary service, and real-time mobile email and group calendar.

In addition to the versatile email service, the office solution includes maintenance services for company home pages and domain names. Supplementary services of the package include a pre-installed WLAN, user support for work station software, and nationwide business numbering.

The package can be taken into use instantly under a single agreement, a fixed, user-specific charge, and one invoice. All the services are pre-integrated and pre-installed. The user is saved the time needed for the implementation of the service, as the solution is delivered to the customer’s address as a turnkey, ready-to-use package. The pricing of the service is based on a fixed, user-specific monthly charge depending on the contents of the package (starting from €99).

“In the Easy Box solution, the company only needs one agreement, one invoice, and one service number. Time is saved, as the entrepreneur does not have to do business with many different service providers. Productivity is also increased, as the customer always has access to an updated service package and the latest tools for working on the go," explains the responsible Head of Sales Jorma Maaninka from TeliaSonera Finland.

In TeliaSonera’s Nordic and Baltic market area, there are nearly 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises employing less than 100 people. Until now, no ready-to-use service package this extensive has been available for SMEs.

“We see huge growth potential in this sector. As the first company in the Scandinavian market, we are providing our entrepreneur customers a simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective communications solution. These companies have a continuous, increasing need to communicate, but at the same time they want to concentrate on their core operations, not on solving IT problems. Sonera Easy Box is first launched in Finland. After the summer, the package will be brought out onto the Swedish market; later on in the autumn, it will also be launched in Denmark, Norway, and the Baltic countries,” says Juho Lipsanen, Head of Integrated Enterprise Services at TeliaSonera.

According to a recent trend survey conducted by Sonera, companies are now more and more interested in purchasing their communications services and support as an integrated, hosted service instead of investing in internal maintenance. TeliaSonera aims at being the market leader in providing integrated, easy-to-use telecom and IT services for companies operating in the Nordic countries and the Baltic region.

The service package can be ordered at or by calling Sonera’s customer service at 0200 32792 (0200-easyb). Moreover, the solution is sold all over Finland by authorized Sonera Corporate Dealers, e.g. Datainfo and Sonera Piste.

Further information:

Jorma Maaninka, Vice President, SME Packages Finland, Integrated Enterprise Services, TeliaSonera
Tel. +358 40 3022429

Roar Seeger, Senior Vice President, SME Packages, Integrated Enterprise Services, TeliaSonera
Tel. +45 28 274633