Rapid increase in business travel next year

Despite the intense environmental debate, a new Telia survey among companies throughout the country indicates that 30 percent of the Swedish population will increase their business travel during the coming year. Only six percent believe that their travel will decrease. Among younger respondents, 45 percent believe that they will travel more.

“It is surprising that more companies are not making more of an effort to actively reduce travel. During the past six years, Telia has reduced business travel by 30 percent, which, in addition to more satisfied employees and cost savings totaling SEK 70 million, benefits the environment,” says Erik Hallberg, head of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera in Sweden.

Surprisingly, Telia’s survey shows that only one out of 20 women who will travel less will do so out of consideration for the environment. For men, the environment is a stronger reason for reducing business travel. More than one-fifth of all men who will travel less state the environmental impact as a strong factor.

One-third of the survey respondents believe time saved is an important reason for traveling less. Decreased costs and an interest in testing alternative methods for conducting meetings are two additional, strong reasons for decreasing travel.

“Companies must be better at determining when business travel is absolutely necessary and when technical solutions can offer a viable alternative. Companies can save money and employees can use their time more efficiently,” says Erik Hallberg.

In Telia’s survey, 1,710 people at companies throughout Sweden answered questions about their business travel. The companies vary in size from less than 10 to more than 500 employees. The respondents work at companies that are Telia customers. The survey was conducted May 16-24.