200,000 customers have chosen Telia’s digital TV

The number of TV customers doubled in four months Customers continue to choose Telia’s digital TV service. Telia recently registered its 200,000th TV customer – and the total number of customers has doubled since May 2007. Telia is becoming an increasingly stronger actor on the Swedish TV market as a result of the rapid inflow of customers.

Digital TV via broadband has begun to establish itself as a clear competitor to the traditional cable TV network. Today more than 2.5 million households can receive digital TV from Telia and many broadband customers are realizing the benefits of watching TV via their broadband jack.

“The broadband network has clear benefits over the older cable TV network,” says Kent Jonsson, head of sales at TeliaSonera for broadband services in Sweden. ”Just look at our launch of smart broadband last week. Now you only need a single box at home to connect your TV, broadband, telephony and much more.”

Telia is first in the world with smart broadband, which means that the connection can be used for more than surfing. Telia Smart entails equipping the telephone jack with an all-in-one box (i.e. a gateway) that has room for a broadband modem, a built-in wireless network, an IP telephony adapter and a firewall.

TV via the broadband network also improves possibilities for interactivity. With the Video on Demand service, customers can rent films using their remote control. During July 2007 Telia’s customers set a new record renting almost 1,000 movies per day.

”Customers want to a greater extent to be able to control their own time and media consumption. They want to watch TV when it suits them,” says Kent Jonsson. ”We are constantly striving to improve our TV selection with new channel packages and interactive services that meet our customers’ demands.”

In addition to Video on Demand, customers can already surf via their TV, and, via the ”My Pictures” service, customers can view pictures they have stored on Telia’s secure servers.