Pioneering new service package from Telia

Telia is pleased to announce the introduction today of the market’s most comprehensive integrated service package for small and medium sized companies. The truly pioneering aspect of this package is that, for the first time on the Danish market, everything has been well thought out and integrated in one complete solution. The name is Easy Box. The target segment is small and medium sized companies with no IT department. Companies that, ac-cording to surveys, have a sizeable unmet need for better and well integrated service pack-ages within IT and Telephony.

Easy Box brings together everything that small and medium sized companies need from mobiles, websites and networks to computers and call centres. And all supplied in one comprehensive package for a fixed low price on a single invoice from Telia. This means that companies using Easy Box can work much more efficiently and also save time and money. The package, which is ready for immediate use, involves just one agreement, one fixed subscription price and one invoice.

“Companies can easily buy and implement the package with just one subscription and one invoice, which means that they can expect to save money and, not least, won’t have to employ someone to be responsible for IT,” explains Roar Seeger, Telia manager with responsibility for the business area behind SME in Denmark.

On delivery, all Easy Box services are already integrated and installed. This saves the company the time it would otherwise take to install the equipment, as is the case with Plug n´Play installations. Continues Roar Seeger: “With Easy Box, all the company’s needs are met under one umbrella. This saves time, as the company does not need to contact different suppliers. This in turn will lead to increased productivity, as the company will always have access to an updated service package with the newest tools.”

The price for Easy Box is based on a fixed monthly price and is determined by the contents of the package and the number of users. Prices start from DKK 650 per month per member of staff. The truly pioneering aspect of Telia’s Easy Box is the fact that it includes all necessary equipment and all communication services that were previously targeted primarily at large companies.

The background to Telia’s focus on Easy Box is that in TeliaSonera’s Nordic and Baltic markets there are almost two million small companies with less than 100 staff. And these are all companies that, until now, have lacked an integrated IT and telephony solution.

Adds Roar Seeger: “We can see enormous growth and an unmet need in this sector. Small com-panies, too, have a growing need to communicate while still being able to remain focused on their core business activities. As the first telecoms company on the Danish market to do so, we are offer-ing our business customers a simple, user-friendly communications solution at a competitive price.”

The need for complete communications solutions is also supported by an interview survey carried out by analysis institute Wilke A/S, which concluded that small and medium sized Danish compa-nies view integrated IT and telephony package solutions as a part of the future. A future where Te-lia aims to be the market leader within integrated, user-friendly IT and telephony solutions for small and medium sized companies in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries.

The Easy Box service package can be ordered at or from Telia Easy Box cus-tomer service on tel.: +45 80 40 10 05.