Record summer for mobile data and SMS – the number of sent SMSs compared to 2006 doubled to half a billion

The summer of 2007 was a busy season for mobile data and SMS. In total, data traffic in Telia’s mobile network increased by more than 700 percent. Customers are also continuing to SMSs like never before. A total of one half billion SMSs were sent during the summer. This corresponds to more than a 100 percent increase compared to last year. Most of the SMSs were sent to Norway.

More than 500 million SMSs were sent in Telia’s network during June,

July and August, which is twice as many as in the same period last year.

At the same time, mobile data traffic increased substantially, primarily

due to the increase in USB modem and PC card traffic from approximately

50 percent to 90 percent of total data traffic in the mobile network.

Almost one fourth of all traffic goes via Telia’s surf zones, Telia

Homerun. The increase in mobile data traffic can be explained by the

widespread increase in mobile surfing via the computer.

“This summer our customers really began to mobile surf on a regular

basis, both at work and during their free time. The summer’s traffic

record is evidence that the laptop does not stay at work, but

accompanies us when we are out on our boats or at our summer cottages,”

says Håkan Dahlström, head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera in


The number of Telia customers that regularly surf via their mobiles has

increased from more than 700,000 to more than one million customers,

which is a 40 percent increase.

During the summer, almost six million SMSs were sent from Sweden to

Norway. Our neighbor to the west tops the list of countries that

received the most SMSs from Sweden, followed by Denmark and Finland.

Last on the list is the island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean,

Montserrat in the Antilles, Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean and the

island of Guam, each of which only received one SMS during the analyzed


Countries that received the most and the least SMSs during June, July,

August 2007:

SMS Top SMS Bottom

Country Number of SMSs Country Number of SMSs

Norway 5,874,497 Guam 1

Denmark 2,453,027 Mayotte 1

Finland 1,613,318 Montserrat 1

Germany 1,575,824 Norfolk Island 1

Great Britain 1,298,292 Anguilla 2

Poland 1,230,319 Dom.Rep. 3

Netherlands 571,937 Niue 3

Russia 533,749 Antarctic 4

Switzerland 422,595 Tokelau 4

Lithuania 425,855 Solomon Islands 5