Telia first in the world with smart broadband

– simpler for customers when broadband becomes intelligent Telia has secretly started to rebuild its broadband network and will be the first in the world to have “smart” broadband, which means that the connection can easily be used for more than surfing. The heart of the new digital home is an intelligent box that connects all data, sound and video equipment. For customers, Telia Smart broadband puts an end to complicated installations and tangled cords.

Telia Smart entails equipping the telephone jack with an all-in-one box (i.e.a gateway), that has room for a broadband modem, a built-in wireless network, IP telephony adapter and firewall. The user does not need to worry about whether it is the telephone, TV or game console that is connected to the box – the box knows automatically which type of unit is being used.

“We know that customers want to connect their electronics to their home network and the Internet, but also that the majority of these customers are not doing so because it is difficult and they are unsure about which technologies can be used with what. Therefore, we are offering a smarter broadband solution that is not only surfing-friendly but also user-friendly,” says Erik Hallberg, head of Broadband Services at TeliaSonera in Sweden.

The customer no longer needs to play IT technician

Telia Smart Start costs SEK 29 per month (costs for other services are additional).

Telia Smart Start includes a box (gateway) and Telia is responsible for ensuring that everything functions properly. The customer no longer needs to play IT technician since updates and support are pushed via the network and any problems that occur are fixed remotely. In addition to an Internet connection, IP telephony and digital TV, Telia’s smart broadband also offers music and entertainment services such as Internet radio and music subscriptions. During the fall, services that have not previously been associated with broadband providers, such as home security, will also be offered.

First in the world

The new network adapts itself to the units that are connected to it – not the other way around. In traditional broadband networks, the paths the traffic will take are pre-determined, which makes the network less flexible. The new smart broadband network is already prepared today to meet future requirements on communication services in the home.

“The launch of Telia Smart is the first step in making a serious effort to connect communication in the home. We are first in the world to build this kind of commercial network and we know that foreign operators are following the project closely,” says Erik Hallberg.

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Facts about Telia Smart

Smart broadband means that the home network is connected via a single unit (gateway). Broadband, TV, music and video games easily function together. From this unit, it is possible to expand the home network to include multiple types of services and products.

Telia Smart requires a connection speed of 2 Mbps.

The following products and services connected to Telia Smart broadband will be available as of September 12:

Digital TV

• Smart TV via broadband with the possibility to rent movies from the couch, create own channel lists, receive reminders about TV shows, etc.

Computer package

• A smart computer package with broadband and a HP computer that the customer rents from Telia, which includes insurance and free service during the entire rental period.

• Nokia N800 for easy surfing on the home network.


• Access to Telia’s music store and the possibility for music subscriptions.

• A special Internet radio that makes it possible to listen to music via broadband anywhere in the home.

Video games

• Smart video game packages with either Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Home watch

• Home security service via Internet that makes it possible to know what is going on at home when on one is there. Scheduled movement detection sends an e-mail or SMS and it is possible to check the camera either via the computer or the mobile.


• Smart broadband means an increased degree of service. In addition to providing assistance when getting started, Telia ensures that the gateway is updated as needed. Telia is responsible for the home network and that its security functions properly. If for some reason it is needed, support can send an installation engineer free of charge. For this purpose, Telia has signed an agreement with the country’s most prominent installation firm, Relacom – relacom@home

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Additional services and products connected to Telia Smart will be launched during the fall.