TeliaSonera hosts huge Nordic gaming tournament for Enemy Territory Quake Wars

TeliaSonera participates in one of the major gaming events in the Nordic countries this year. Activision Nordic has organised a major event in Sweden to give almost 400 Nordic gamers the chance to play “Enemy Territory Quake Wars” in a massive multiplayer tournament that will run from 28th September 2007 until 2nd December 2007.

A tournament of this scale and a game such as “Enemy Territory Quake Wars” demands gaming speed and no latency, so the choice of carrier is vitally important to both the gamers experience and for the reputation of both Activision and id software. Therefore, involvement of TeliaSonera in providing collocation and internet access means that everyone participating in the tournament can be assured of the best possible gaming experience and that it is skill alone that will decide the champion!

In announcing TeliaSonera’s participation in this gaming event Anna Mossberg, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, TeliaSonera International Carrier.
said “Games such as Enemy Territory Quake War are incredibly exciting and fast paced games to play, but they are extremely demanding in terms of the quality and speed of internet access – just a tiny hint of latency can be enough to totally ruin the gaming experience. So we see Activision's choice of TeliaSonera as the telecoms carrier for such a big event as a huge vote of confidence in our ability to provide a consistent and quality service”.

Responding on behalf of Activision Nordic Petra Tell, PR Manager said “The launch of Enemy Territory Quake Wars has been hugely anticipated and with good reason. The game is fast paced and very demanding in terms of internet speed. As a dip in latency can adversely affect the online gaming experience TeliaSonera’s expertise and reputation in this field coupled with a service which is very consistent, meant they were the obvious choice for server hosting and internet access.”

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TeliaSonera Press service +46-(0)8-713 58 30

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