Finpro outsources the monitoring of its global data network to Cygate

TeliaSonera’s subsidiary Cygate will assume total responsibility for the monitoring and maintenance of Finpro’s data network, which extends to 57 offices and 43 countries. Implementing concentrated management of global communications connections from Finland is especially demanding. By concentrating the monitoring on Cygate, Finpro gains a more cost-efficient solution and can better serve its own customers.

To ensure the security of Finpro’s international data network, the offices’ Internet connections are scanned and any unwanted connections are filtered out by the use of Juniper firewalls. Connections between countries are then implemented in such a way that they are practically invisible to outsiders. It is thus possible to use the common resources – intranet and internal information systems, for example – securely at all Finpro’s offices around the world.

The monitoring and maintenance of the data networks has now been concentrated, and matters related to Finpro’s network and its information security are handled through Cygate’s contact centre at Espoo. Cygate also attends to fault investigation, dealing directly with the operators.

“As it is expensive to maintain a data network interconnecting our offices, we wanted to find a more cost-effective solution. The network needs to be monitored constantly, for you never know when a fault might occur. The important thing in the choice of a partner was Cygate's track record in global network operations. Outsourced, the monitoring is more efficient from our point of view," says Jarmo Jonninen, IT Manager of Finpro.

Finpro promotes the internationalization of Finnish companies, and it conducts operations in several trade centres around the world. Finpro’s offices are interconnected by a data network, which ensures their specialists secure access to the organization’s information and its information systems worldwide. In future, responsibility for the management and maintenance of the data networks will be carried by Cygate, which has already earlier provided Finpro with data network solutions.

“We are convinced the demand for concentrated services will rise in the future, as more and more companies turn international. By attending to demanding management and monitoring services on behalf of the customers we help them to succeed in the global operating environment. As part of the TeliaSonera Group, we know the operator business, and as the leading integrator in the Nordic countries, we have unique competence and are well positioned to monitor extensive entities comprising networks of various operators,” says Ilkka Äyräväinen, CEO of Cygate Finland.

Further information:

Ilkka Äyräväinen, CEO, Cygate Oy
Tel. +358 9 613 8911

Jarmo Jonninen, IT Manager, Finpro
Tel. +358 204 695 501