Telia first with flat monthly rate for mobile phone surfing

Today, Telia is introducing a flat monthly rate for Internet surfing on mobilephones. For SEK 99 per month, Telia’s customers can mobile surf as much asthey want, and as often as they like, with their mobile phone in Sweden. Thisunlimited surfing can be done on Telia’s mobile portal, SurfPort, as well as themobile Internet.

One year ago Telia introduced a ceiling rate of SEK 9 per 24 hours for mobile surfing. The ceiling rate has become a success, which is why Telia is now taking another new initiative to make things simpler for customers who want to surf with their mobile phones as much and as often as they like. The rate is therefore being reduced to SEK 99 kronor per month, or a little more than SEK 3 per day. With the new flat rate, major users of the will cut their costs by more than 60 percent.

“We want our customers to surf with their mobiles as easily and naturally as reading the newspaper on the bus or in the underground on their way to work. With a flat monthly rate, we are giving our customers the security and freedom to use the services on their mobile phones without having to worry about soaring surfing costs,” says Håkan Dahlström, Head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera Sweden.

The new service in Sweden is called SurfPort Fastpris (SurfPort Flat Rate) and can be used by everyone who has a mobile telephone subscription with Telia (flat rate not valid for Telia Refill prepaid cards). The rate applies to mobile surfing in Sweden and customers need to have SurfPort settings installed on their mobiles, as well as a mobile web browser.

SurfPort is the leading mobile portal in the Nordic and Baltic region with more than 1.5 million unique users each month.

Exceptions: Costs, for example, for downloading ringtones, weather forecasts or mobile games from the SurfPort portal are not included in the flat monthly rate. Fees for services like these are always displayed and have to be approved by the user before purchase. The new flat rate does not apply when customers use their mobiles as a modem for their portable computers. Downloaded applications requiring a mobile connection, such as Windows Messenger, are not included. Nor is reading e-mail with an e-mail client on a mobile. For the complete terms and conditions, visit