Sonera promotes recycling of old phones

The Sonera Piste chain launches a campaign to promote recycling of old phones that are no longer used. A recycling event arranged in Kamppi, Helsinki, on October 28-30 will mark the kick-off of the national campaign.

“At present, only one of ten old mobile phones ends up in recycling. We are now promoting the recycling of phones by offering an extra benefit to customers who buy a new 3G phone. People can bring their old phones to the Sonera Piste shops for recycling even if they don’t want to buy a new one. The most important thing is to save the environment, energy and raw materials,” says Marek Hintze, Managing Director of Sonera Piste Oy.

During the campaign, which will continue until December 24, 2008, customers are offered a Sonera Piste gift voucher worth €20–40, if they bring their old fixed-line or mobile phones to recycling and sign an agreement on a 3G phone and subscription. Customers who only bring their old phones to recycling get a voucher that allows them to benefit from the campaign offer by signing an agreement on a new handset by Christmas.

The aim of the recycling campaign is to promote secure recycling of old phones and to provide information on the benefits of phone recycling. All phones brought to Sonera Piste are delivered securely to Kuusakoski Oy for recycling.

Facts on phones and recycling
• Recycling of phones saves the nature, energy and raw materials.
• A mobile phone can contain substances that are harmful if released into the environment. Recycling ensures appropriate treatment of harmful substances.
• Up to 80% of the raw materials of unused phones can be recovered.
• Phone batteries contain, for example, cobalt, nickel, copper, chromium, iron and aluminium, which can be recovered and used for manufacturing new batteries, for example.
• The plastic parts of mobile phones can be utilized by melting or burning.
• Recycled mobile phones are returned to the electronics industry in parts.
• Circuit boards, LCD displays and cameras contain metals that can be recovered and used in the manufacture of electronics and medical products, for example.

Further information:
Managing Director Marek Hintze, Sonera Piste
Tel. +358 400 404 004