Sonera provides families an extensive communication solution for home and travel

Sonera has packaged a new kind of broadband solution for families who need to access the Internet at home and during travel. The solution comprises a fixed broadband connection of up to 100 Mbps to the home, a USB modem for wireless data transfer and calls and text messages between family members for one year.

According to Sonera’s trend survey, people today want to have increasingly higher speed broadband access at home. More and more people also expect to have high-speed Internet access available to them everywhere. TNS Gallup’s Miriad research shows that 50% of the Finns intend to buy a mobile broadband service.

“To meet the requirements that people set for high-speed access and mobility, Sonera has now packaged a new kind of broadband solution for families. The families will benefit in a new way from concentrating all their Internet and voice communications on Sonera,” says Seppo Hakanen, Sales Director of broadband services.

The solution comprises a fixed, highest-speed broadband connection to the home and a USB modem for wireless data transfer. As communication in the family is important, Sonera also includes in the package calls and text messages between family members for one year without a separate charge. The solution costs €39.90/month and the customer makes a 24-month agreement on the service. The use of mobile broadband is charged for according to the chosen data service, for example €0.90/hour or €2.90/day.

"Sonera is a forerunner in providing its customers with different pricing schemes for mobile broadband. Our customers can opt for an hour, day or month based pricing scheme, for example, according to their needs,” says Juha Koivuniemi, Sales Director of mobile sales.

Further information:

Seppo Hakanen, Sales Director, TeliaSonera, Broadband Services Finland, Home Services
Tel.: +358 40 842 1848

Juha Koivuniemi, Sales Director, TeliaSonera, Mobility Services Finland
Tel.: +358 400 502 132