Turku concentrates its voice and data services on TeliaSonera

TeliaSonera and the city of Turku have signed a four-year agreement under which TeliaSonera will provide Turku with all the voice and data services the city needs. The agreement is valid from 2009 to 2012. The value of the agreement for the whole agreement period is about 15 million euros.

The city of Turku seeks benefits by harmonizing the purchasing of voice and data communications services. By adopting this new way of operating and by utilizing new technology, Turku hopes to improve service and work efficiency and to generate major savings. As part of its new way of operating, the city of Turku will buy all the mobile data and voice services and the fixed-network data and voice services from Sonera in future.

As from the beginning of next year, the agreement will cover about 5,000 mobile subscriptions. The number of subscriptions will grow in the future, as Turku plans to adopt a one-terminal policy and reduce the number of fixed subscriptions. Mobile work solutions will also increase the use of mobile data. Mobile subscriptions will be virtually connected to the voice service network, and so 02-prefixed telephone numbers can also be allocated to mobile phones, if necessary. This numbering scheme will improve the reachability of the personnel of the city of Turku and also provide the residents of Turku with an inexpensive way of contacting the city’s service points.

The purchase agreement on the fixed data network covers interconnecting the separate data networks of the city of Turku to form a single entity. The solution also comprises Internet and information security services. The data network to be provided covers the sites of the Regional Rescue Services of Southwest Finland located in Southwest Finland, as well as the city of Turku. All in all, the data network comprises about 800 subscriptions.

The fixed voice service network covers the sites of the Regional Rescue Services of Southwest Finland located in Southwest Finland and those of Turku Polytechnic, as well as the city of Turku. The agreement now covers about 600 sites and about 7,500 fixed subscriptions.

“In their request for proposal, the city of Turku clearly indicated that they open-mindedly wanted to exploit the new opportunities offered by information technology in the services they provide for the city’s residents. I am therefore very pleased that the city of Turku selected us as their comprehensive service provider,” says Batu Karasar, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera Business Services Finland. “The city of Turku has major ongoing projects in the fields of social and health service, for example. I am convinced we will find joint interests in future, for example as regards the development of health care and home care. In these projects we will be able to utilize the expertise we have gained from our earlier co-operation with other big municipal customers, such as the health service of the city of Turku and the cities of Helsinki and Tampere,” says Karasar.

Further information:

Kimmo Sulin, Vice President, Business Services Finland, TeliaSonera, tel. +358 40 302 2021; e-mail firstname.lastname@teliasonera.com