More than 3 500 fixed-line phones become wireless in the spring of 2009

TeliaSonera details the schedule for converting the telecommunications services in sparsely-populated areas of Finland into wireless. The change in the spring concerns more than 3 500 fixed-line phone customers. Sonera will collect and recycle approximately 200 000 telephone poles at the end of their life period, and 10 000 kilometres of old telephone wires that would cost EUR 65 million to replace.

Following negotiations with its customers and the authorities, Sonera has defined the schedule according to which the company converts the phone services in sparsely-populated areas into wireless. The change will concern about 3 500 fixed-line phone customers in the spring of 2009. With a GSM adaptor, it is also possible to continue using phone devices meant for the fixed-line network. Sonera will inform its customers of the conversion schedule with a letter and call every customer separately to agree on the details.