TeliaSonera’s Competence Pool is the Personnel Achievement of the Year

Henry ry, the Finnish Association for Human Resource Management, has selected TeliaSonera’s Competence Pool model as the Personnel Achievement of the Year.

HENRY and Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen awarded TeliaSonera for the Personnel Achievement of the Year with the Ilmarinen prize. With the Award, HENRY ry wants to encourage organizations to develop their work communities and well-being at work. The criteria applied in selecting the winner include, for example, the effect of the achievement on well-being at work and on the organization’s business goals.

The Competence Pool model gives the personnel better readjustment protection than what the law requires and helps the organization to deal with changes in a responsible manner without resorting to redundancies. HENRY assesses the model as follows:

“The initiative is now very topical, not only in telecommunications but in other industries as well. It is an exemplary initiative that reflects the employer’s responsibility for the employees. It is also a truly innovative, unique initiative in Finland. Further, it has great social significance.”

The aspect HENRY especially appreciates is that the operating model has been developed in cooperation with employee representatives. Sonera was also a candidate for the Award last year with its K2 change programme carried out at Mobility Services.

“Awarding the Competence Pool in such a highly recognized competition is a significant acknowledgement of our long-term work in organization change management. The prevailing economic uncertainty underlines the importance of carrying out continuous readjustment in cooperation with the personnel," says Juha Pentti, Vice President of Human Resources at TeliaSonera Finland.

Coaching, trainee positions and training
The Competence Pool, introduced in 2006, provides employees whose jobs have been terminated with training and on-the-job training positions and an opportunity to seek a new job for a period that is longer than the regular period of notice. In addition to permanent and temporary positions, the employees transferred to the Competence Pool are offered on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring at the Competence Pool, and various training opportunities.

Since January 1, 2006, altogether 955 employees have transferred to Sonera’s Competence Pool. A total of 268 of them have found a new, permanent or temporary job within the company, and 605 have left the company. At present, there are 58 employees at the Competence Pool. In the Competence Pool feedback surveys conducted in 2008, 89% of the employees transferred to the Competence Pool rated the Competence Pool as either good or excellent.

The Award winner was announced at the HENRY Forum on November 4, 2008.

For further information journalists can contact:
Juha Pentti, Vice President, HR Finland, TeliaSonera
Tel. +358-40-5074668