Easier and faster to surf the “ordinary” Internet on mobiles

The Swedes are a connected people and one out of two people in Sweden currently surf on the Internet about an hour or more per day*. For many it is important to always have fast access to the Internet wherever they may be. For this reason TeliaSonera has developed the SurfOpen concept, which consists of a web browser that automatically adapts ordinary web pages to the format of a mobile phone display, a search engine and an advertising window.

[Video clip SurfOpen]

“The new surfing function makes it easier for our customers to access their favourite services and web pages on the Internet with their mobile phone. Now they can download web pages faster on their handsets,” says Håkan Dahlström, Head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera Sweden.

Surfing the Internet on a mobile phone will be more than easier – it will also go faster because a smaller amount of data is transmitted when surfing with the new function, compared with ordinary Internet surfing on a mobile. All settings and favourite links, for example, are saved in the actual browser, which means that nothing will be lost when a customer decides to change to another mobile phone.

As of today, all Telia mobile customers using Telia’s SurfPort mobile portal will have access to the new SurfOpen function with faster Internet surfing, web browser and search tool.

Telia’s customers will continue to pay a maximum rate of SEK 9 per day for mobile Internet usage since surfing over the SurfPort mobile portal, including the new SurfOpen functionality, is included in this ceiling rate. The add-on service SurfPort Fastpris (SurfPort Flat Rate), SEK 99 per month, has also been available since January 23 this year for mobile surfing. Customers who want to surf on their mobile phone, as well as control their costs for using other mobile data services such as e-mail, can also subscribe to a supplementary service at a flat rate of SEK 199 per month, which covers all data traffic with 3G, Edge and WLAN technologies.

*) From the study “Län och Rike runt. Svenskarnas telekomvanor 2007/2008”, a study of the nationwide telecom habits of the Swedish people, 2007/2008.