Key Telecom industry players join forces to speed up the introduction of interoperable rich communication services

Today, a group of key operators, infrastructure and device vendors comprised of Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, TeliaSonera, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, announced a joint effort to facilitate the evolution of mobile communication towards rich communication.

Together the participants have agreed upon a set of features originating from profiled IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards as well as implementation guidelines with the intention of having interoperable rich communication services available in 2008.

Consumers are now experiencing the power and the promise of converged and rich communication such as instant messaging, video sharing and buddy lists, which have introduced a new user experience.

Consumers expect that these capabilities are available on any type of devices and that there is open communication between devices and networks. With the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) these customer expectations can be fulfilled, and ever evolving services can be offered to enhance users’ experience. The core feature set of RCS includes the following services:

• Enhanced Phonebook, with service capabilities and presence enhanced contacts information

• Enhanced Messaging, which enables a large variety of messaging options including chat and messaging history

• Enriched Call, which enables multimedia content sharing during a voice call

The RCS Initiative is a joint effort of leading industry players to speed up and facilitate the adoption of applications and services that provide an interoperable, convergent, rich communication experience.

“It will be exciting to offer our customers services that improve their mobile experience such as enhanced phone book. It makes the communication so much easier. To ensure the interoperability and encourage the wide use of rich communication services the co-operation with other leading parties in the mobile business is very important and brings the services faster to our customers, says Claes Nycander, Head of Common Development and Vice President, TeliaSonera Mobility Services.

To speed up the introduction of rich communication services, the participants in the RCS Initiative have already:

• Defined a core feature set, leveraging existing standards, and implementation guideline specifications for an interoperable IMS-based communication suite. The IMS is an important architecture for fixed and mobile networks that bring these capabilities to the consumer in an interoperable way.

• Developed reference implementations of the services for commercial devices, and validated the underlying requirements and technical specifications for service interoperability.

• Conducted interoperability testing in multi-vendor environments to ensure and verify the maturity of the RCS feature set.

To ensure services availability in 2008, the RCS Initiative will continue to drive testing and interoperability in a multi-operator environment, as well as sharing the RCS specifications with relevant industry forums.

RCS showcase in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The RCS Initiative will present early results of these efforts in a showcase including a presentation and a live demonstration of the initial feature set.

RCS Initiative presents the showcase at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, in the seminar theater in Hall 7 on Feb 11 at 13-14 hours and Feb 13 at 12-13 hours.


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